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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by l1nuxx, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. l1nuxx

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    OK professionals......... I need some professional advice on 2 issues. Here's my intro. My wife and I both work full time jobs during the day. In the evenings we go out and cut two to three lawns a day (for a lil extra cash). Last year we were cutting 25-30 yards. (issue #1) I'm having a hard time getting my customers to commit to a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. This lack of commitment is driving me nuts trying to schedule yards without driving all over kingdom come to mow lawns. Even the one's that do commit want to change there days around causing even more headaches. (issue #2) Along the same lines of commitment I have several customers that own there own mower but from time to time want to call me to mow there lawns. Although these lawns pay just like the regular ones.... should i drop these customers so i don't have to deal with the scheduling headaches. Does anyone else have these problems?
  2. snowman55

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    I charge 1.5 x for lawns that aren't scheduled and if it takes too much time because it was neglected its hourly
  3. GrassIsGreenerLawnCare

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    ya i just got this lady to finally commit to biweekly cuts. she was calling me whenever SHE wanted me to cut it, and finally i said, im only gonna cut your lawn biweekly because the grass is just too high by the time u call me. i also charge my biweekly customers more than my weekly because of the same reason. i know what u mean by driving around and trying to schedule biweekly and weekly cuts. it gets confusing. once i get enough customers, im gonna drop all biweekly cuts
  4. ashgrove landscaping

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    welcome to the lawn bus. This is just regular operations. Just think about how the people who depend on these lawns to pay their bills and live like you do. quit complaining... You re still getting paid.
  5. MileHigh

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    My advice would be to quit cutting.
  6. rjh4758

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    issue #1: I would tell them what day you can cut. They can take it or leave it.

    The ones that will not commit are taking you for a ride. The most likely want to hold out till the grass is a foot high and want it cut for a weekly price. When they do this show up and tell them since the lawn has been so neglected you will have to charge $XX (2-3 times weekly rate) because of extra time and wear and tare on equipment

    Issue #2: I would charge a higher rate because of not being a seasonal customer. I would take them only if I have time in my schedule.
  7. Mwatson

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    Welcome to the sometimes unstable business of cutting lawns. I guess that's why it's probably best to always have more customers than you really need, because people will flake out on you, cancel appointments, use a different person, etc.

    But I definitely wouldn't deal with those people who wait until the grass is way too high before trying to get it cut. I charge people like that extra. Especially since it's going to take you extra time, extra gas, and extra work to cut it.

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