Pulling the trigger on Toro 30638 48" Walk Behind - Comments Requested

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by btanchors, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. btanchors

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    Hello everyone,

    I am getting ready to pull the trigger on purchasing a new Toro 30638 48inch walk behind with Kawasaki 16HP Mower (See Link below)

    My new Toro Walk-Behind

    This new mower is a new 2010 Fixed-Deck Gear drive. I am purchasing it because of good experience with my previous Toro Walk-Behind, a 2003 36 inch Gear Drive with Floating Deck. My questions are:

    1) Anyone else have this new model, or others similar to it? Are you happy with the purchase?

    2) The vendor selling it tells me that pistol grips are far more popular than the T-bar. Vendor is claiming they can't get this model with a T-bar, although one is listed on the Toro website (Model 30678) My older mower has a T-bar - any comments on T-bar vs. Pistol grip on the Toros?

    3) My older Toro Walk behind has a 15HP Kohler, which has been one of the most reliable and great-performing small engines I have ever used. The new Toro has a 16HP Kawasaki. How do the Kawasakis stack up against the Kohlers (Kohlers no longer available in these Toro models)?

    4) Any other comments you'd care to give about this model...

  2. wild willy

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    Maybe the vendor is telling you the pistol grips are more popular because that's the one he has in stock at the moment for sale.
    I have had mine (a 44") for a long time...bulletproof... but I can't even imagine using anything other than a t-bar...I could see my arms getting very sore using a pistol grip when all you need for the t-bar is push pressure to turn.
    good luck!!!!!
  3. topsites

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    That's the one I just bought, very similar other than mine's 15hp Kawasaki.

    2, I'd tell that dealer thanks but no thanks because I would never buy a Toro with pistol grip controls,
    easier my butt, he can unload that on his own self as I would INSIST on T-bar controls.
    Seriously, T-bar or no deal.

    The Kawasaki is nice, I never thought it'd be better than the Kohler but I like it a lot.
    Other than that...

    They farkered up the parking brake, it's a really short handle now so it no longer
    'catches' on the fuel tank cap but now by the time I'm done adjusting the
    rods the T-bar is awful close to the front fixed bar, you can order the longer
    (old style) brake handle and re-adjust the whole thing but they're like $20.

    No more electric clutch for you!
    It's really nice and simple, a manually engaged belt powered by a lever.
    Why they even put a keyed ignition switch on these models?

    I would suggest when you go to disengage the blades is to throttle down to idle first, then
    release the handle to half-way and let the blades spin down on their own, once they're about stopped release the handle full.
    You can do it any which way you want but if you disengage the handle completely the spindle brake
    will engage on the brake pad and it wears out in no time requiring a part and a repair, so that's why I
    learned to disengage slow and easy.
    That or you can just unhook the spindle brake thing completely as it also has a tendency to rub on the belt.
    On that note the belt takes a while to get it 'adjusted' just right, neither too loose nor too tight.

    The deck is a POS in my opinion, it weighs a TON in front, although in your case having run a 36" float
    deck you might not notice the difference but all I've ran for the past 8 years is fixed decks and I don't like it at all.
    On that note it will still take some getting used to that fixed 4-foot deck, take you about a month
    of fussing up a storm before you make peace with it :p

    Other than that it's a good mower, lots of power, I like the separate choke button.
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  4. dougdm

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    I would rather go with the new handles. ECS (exmark) or what ever it is. My hands are numb in no time with the pistol grips. Maybe more popular, but the owners are not on them all the time.

    Also, I have all Kawas and love them. I have heard of a few having problems, but I have had nothing but good to say.

    Check out the exmarks for the same product, you may like them better. And maybe a little cheaper for an ecs handle system
  5. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    To my understanding the ECS controls only come on hydros?
  6. Bumpmaster

    Bumpmaster LawnSite Fanatic
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    Pistol grips are great for reverse, pushing the unit uphill, and popping wheelies , useless however on smooth terrain.
  7. SchnabelLawnCare

    SchnabelLawnCare LawnSite Senior Member
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    No they come on the metros (belt drive) as well. Or some opt for the pistols for some strange reason.
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  8. LawnTamer

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    "Pistol grips are more popular", that guy is full of it. I would NEVER get a pistol grip, belt drive mower.

    T-bar, or no deal. If he can't/won't order one with the T-bar, find a new dealer.
  9. STL Cuts

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    If you want, I'll sell you my 48" Toro, essentially the same exact mower. Here's the Craigslist ad and some pics as well. Ever been to the Arch?





  10. STL Cuts

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    Couple more....



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