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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smarino21, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. smarino21

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    I talked to another lco today and he was telling me that they get 30 -35 $ per cut. I said how is that possibel when i am lucky to get 25 he said well we pull the weeds every week and then we edge also every week (2 things i dk) is it worth it say for $5 more every single week to pull the weeds and edge every week for that $5 after you pull them all on the first week would it maintan alota weeds/ ???????/ any one do this
  2. jsf343

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    We do SOME of that. Definitely not every week though. Thats working dumber not smarter. Also we charge a whole lot more than 30-35 a week if we do all that.
  3. carcrz

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    "Lucky to get $25" - I think it kind of sounds like you might be cutting yourself short. Edging should be included for their price, but I think they are probably giving services away for pulling weeds too. The trick on pricing is to stick to your guns & be confident in your pricing. This is how we make a living. If you are mowing the entire lawn in 20 minutes, then I suppose pulling weeds wouldn't be an issue, but the majority of my residentials take about an hour & I would be losing out if I didn't charge for the extra time.
  4. Allens LawnCare

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    I agree, everyone is out to save a buck, But if you talk to your customers with confidence (Make sure there is eye contact) they bite 97% of the time. you'll always have the guy who knows all, has all but doesn't want to pay all say no......he'll be back. Keep in contact, I get a minimum of 35 a cut for a 6,000 square foot lot. Some say not but I've had several call me back because the Low Baller was an idiot!!!!!
  5. crzymow

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    Wish i could get 35 for a 6,000 sq ft lawn. A lot depends on the area of the country you live in. There might be a few i could get $30 a cut on a lawn that size, but would have to have a lot of trim work or something like that.
  6. jdgent

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    I live in Florida. I base my contract on tiers of service, i.e. platinum, gold and silver. I don't have any silver accounts, my rates start at $35 a visit based upon a 43 visit year...and my average account pays me around $200 a month. I work closely with a licensed and insured fertilizer company, we use Image and Snapshot in the beds for weeds (minimizing time spent picking weeds) and my yards look better than all the homes around them. Every account that I have is within six miles of my home and I give a level of service that the homeowner loves. I bid high, very high, and those that can afford me don't complain...as a matter of fact, they brag about having me as their landscaper because I am not accepting any more contracts at this point. I have found over the years that it is how you position your company: Low price/high volume or high price/low volume that determines the level of service you will be able to provide. I have twenty-two accounts...Monday and Tuesday I do hedges, irrigation repair, weeds, and other grunt work. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I cut, edge and blow. Because my accounts pay higher prices I want their yards to look nice the only days they see them...weekends. The flip side is the company that has fifty-plus accounts that mows on Monday's (where the yard looks like it needs cut on Saturday), runs thru the yard in twenty minutes (leaving a yard looking so-so) and charging less than what his time is truly worth. Only to race to the next account. Bottom line: Make them pay and give them what they pay for.
  7. newbomb

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    I think this is the best way to work. It takes time to build clientel this way but when you get there you have something, I have finally learned that working cheap only leaves you poor and disgusted.
  8. crzymow

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    I dont feel I'm working cheap, what i charge is pretty much the going rate. Again depends on your market. Heck guys that charge 35 I'm sure wish they were charging 40.
  9. bigjeeping

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    Sure, it may sound like an "extra" and it might slow you down! But look at it this way: The first weeding will take the most time, after that it's all maintenance and your trimming guy can just hustle on the trimming so he can save a couple minutes to go through and pull any visible weeds. Then when you're down mowing you can grab the edger and do that while your worker blows off. If you are mowing 100 houses a week and this adds $5-10 per house - that's an extra $500-1000 a week you're making! Over the course of a 6 month mowing season that adds up to $12,000-24,000 EXTRA!

    P.S. You only have to edge once every two weeks, and you may even be able to pull that off for weeding. So one week you'll edge, the next week you'll do a thorough weeding job. Just tell the customer that the extra cost-per-cut is to maintain their edging and keep their beds weed-free... as long as the work looks clean and maintained, it doesn't matter how frequently it's done.
  10. stumpslawncare

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    Lucky to get $25.00, I am glad I don't live where you do. I wouldn't unload for that price. As far as weeds, we only do it a couple times a year, then it must be at the customers request.

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