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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SERRICO, Jan 19, 2005.


    SERRICO LawnSite Member
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    I was wondering what would be more efficient between pulling 14-18' trailer with diesel truck and landscape bed built on truck such as Issuzu NPR.
    What do u guys think?
    Give me some pro and con.
  2. Precision

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    Biggest con on the NPR rig (or similar) is price Ouch that isn't cheap
    con really tall, need a custom garage or carport to shelter it.
    Is a true commercial vehicle may need a commercial location to park it.

    Biggest pros, there are so many, depends on how you deck it out.
    My fantasy truck has built in 25 gallon straight gas tank with pump
    built in 15 gallon mix gas tank with pump

    Hop in and go if you do maintenance the night before.
    No worrying about trailer getting stolen, coming off
    can still tow a trailer if need be
    Much shorter wheelbase
    Much higher load rating
    look way more affluent / professional
    people don't ask to borrow your truck to move
    Can get the bed customized to whatever you need
    No need to learn how to back it up like with a trailer.
    No burning thru trailer tires.
    Much more manueverable
    Don't have to use it as the daily driver too.
  3. Cutters Lawn Care

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    It took me about 6 months to realize pulling a trailer was crazy. I bought a 98 Mitusbishi Fuso 15' box with dovetail. Precision is right about the cost and parking issue. If you have a shop no problem. You can usually find used landscape trucks pretty reasonable. I will never go back to pulling a trailer. The benefits for me is that when it rains no problem. I don't have to worry about equipment getting wet, also when doing landscaping I don't worry about any plants getting windburned in transportation. You also save time. No having to hook trailer up every morning, and parking and backing up is much easier and faster, and it looks more professional than any trailer rig IMO.
  4. MP350

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    I pull an enclosed trailer because it frees up my truck to do other jobs with. Now for what I see the cons are for using a landscaper truck, when it brakes down you better have a spare truck & trailer to work out of, and a very long and high ramp to climb to get equipment (slippery when wet). But they do look very professional.

    SERRICO LawnSite Member
    from TX
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    I agree. That was my concern too.
  6. newbomb

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    I have seen the landscape trucks around and I like them well enough, but I have to think if your a small company the limitations outweigh the benefits.

    I pull a 16' enclosed trailer with a crew cab 8' bed truck. When I first got the new truck I spent the first week going Oh sh!t why did I buy this ark. After about 3 weeks I had it down to a science. CDL driver for 10 years helped but anyone can get used to it. Truck and trailer are very maneuverable once you get some practice.

    If you buy a trailer and use a Truck to pull it you have much more versatility. If the truck is in the shop use your wife's suburban to tow the trailer. I am sure i don't have to explain to anyone here how useful a pickup is in this business (or a wife for that matter). Enclosed trailers solve the security issue (for the most part). Fewer people see what you have and therefore don't know what you have. Enclosed trailer solves the rain issue. Enclosed trailer gives privacy (add a gatorade bottle and a double big gulp cup and you have a full service bathroom (and right there in the street).

    One specialized vehicle that you have to garage? I don't think it's the smart move. It would be fine if you had a number of crews. -Paul

    9 weeks

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