Pulling Walker Motors to clean?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by farmboy52787, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. farmboy52787

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    Hi has anyone ever done this, pulling out your Walker motor to clean it out on an annual basis? Anybody have detailed steps of what to do? I have heard just undo the 4 bolts on the bottom, unclip a wiring harness and take off the screen and clean it all out? Is that it?

  2. tyler_mott85

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    Do you really need to pull out the motor? Won't compressed air work? Or soak it in some engine degreaser and lightly rinse with low-pressure water...

    I haven't pulled one out of a walker but I have had to loosen the bolts to make some repairs and it was a huge pain. I don't know if it would be worth it just to clean.

    Good Luck!
  3. JB1

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    wow must really be bored.
  4. jiggz

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    from jerz
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    cant you just use air?
  5. Jason Rose

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    Walker recommends pulling the engine annually, at least, to be able to properly clean the cooling fins. You can't remove the engine shroud with the engine in the machine, so you can't properly clean the fins.

    Pulling the engine is more of a chore than just the 4 bolts and a wiring harness. You have to remove the muffler shield and the bar behind it, the fuel line, you have to clip a number or zip ties, there's several wire harnesses to unplug, you have to remove both the hydro belt and the PTO belt. And I may be forgetting a few things... It's about a half hour process to pull out and another half hour to reinstall and replace the zip ties, etc.

    I figured it was a good time to clean it good, though it only has like 280 hours on it.

    I pulled my engine about a month or so back to install the blower lockout kit, and then found out that I could have installed it with the engine still in, but the maghine would have needed to be lifted in the air somehow (at least 6").

    If you keep the cooling fins clean, and this goes for ANY air cooled engine, you increace the life of that engine considerably.
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  6. jblawns123

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    Yeah thats what you are supposed to do... but never heard of anyone actually doing it.... I am sure there are nooks and crannies that grass collect where you have to remove the engine to get to it.... but I think its more of a cover there ass thing if it catches on fire or something. They can ask if you have pulled the engine to clean it out and noone probably does. I know I never have.
  7. flatlander42

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    I did it once....and the mower had a large amount of hours on that engine w/o being pulled...the mowers second engine, I'd say around 1.5k*dont know for sure*. And it was a MESS in the fins. I can't see how it didn't overheat and die. Had to take all sorts of stuff off. I just did it to keep busy in the winter last year.

    As for getting under the mower to fix/replace things, I just used to tip it over! Lift the Hopper, grab either side panel, and grunt like hell! I could get it up high enough and just put blocks under the drive tires. It would have been nice to have help, but one guy can get it up.

    My Navigator seems to have enough space to keep it clean, and if I stay on top of it I don't plan on having to pull the engine to clean it.

  8. Drew Gemma

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    i use a blow gun with an extention I can get the crap out of everywhere. mine is an 08 where are the places that you can't reach.
  9. Jason Rose

    Jason Rose LawnSite Fanatic
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    There's no way to clean the cooling fins, under the shroud of the engine, with the shroud still on it. You can get probably 50% of it be blowing into the flywheel screen and every crack you can find on the shroud, but you can't get all of it.

    I was amazed as to how much dirt and cotton was still in my engine once I had it pulled out and took the shroud covers off. Since my engine is farily new and has NO oil leaks it was just loose dry dirt. If your engine has developed oozing oil leaks from various places it makes it even harder to clean out the fins by just blowing around the engine.

    Now, with that said, There's 2 metal, gold colored plates that are on the front topside of the engine shroud. If you can get to those and remove them with the engine still in the machine you can get your blow gun under the shroud and get MOST of the dirt and crap that way. I can't picture right off hand how much room there is to take those plates off and still be able to get in there with the blowgun.
  10. Think Green

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    I use 2 walker GHS 42" cut with clamshell frame. Hell, these mowers get better service than my wife does. I haven't taken an engine off to clean the fins. I can get to any serviceable part--finn--hydro--wiring harness everything. I run the machine on ramps, just enough to tilt the unit's and use air to clean everything. Powerwash off other parts and not directly on the air intake or around the Donaldson breather. Our units are 9 years old and still going. The Exmark's are just as easy to clean.
    The hard part is doing the maintenance on a set day of the week----usually Sunday and staying with the regimine.

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