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    I was wondering if anyone has ever used a soil pulverizer to prep a lawn for seeding. I have been looking for a 3pt power rake for my tractor but there at least $4,000 for a decent used one. A brand new double roller pulverizer is under $1,500. I have used a power rake plenty but never a pulverizer and just can't picture how it works or how well it works. I don't expect it to work as well as a power rake but wondering if I can get by with it for the few lawns that I install every season.
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    I too was looking at a pulverizer for the same type of work as you mentioned. If the site was just recently backfilled or only a small amount of weeds are growing, I think a pulverizer will work great. But if there are tall weeds or you are renovating an old lawn I think it will just clump up. What about plowing then discing? I used a rototiller and a york rake last year. Worked great until I got into sites where it was real rocky. The tiller took a beating! I ended up purchasing a new harley rake from a local New Holland dealer for an unbelievable price of $5,500. Can't wait to put it to use this year. Being able to windrow is also something that you can do with a harley rake that can't be done with a pulverizer. Just my two cents
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    I had a landpride double roller pulverizer, It workd great and I thought it was the best until I tried a Harley rake, then I got rid of the pulverizer, theres no comparison in the two.
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    so the harley rake definetly takes the place of the pulverizer? i use the dingo soil conditioner.

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