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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RAlmaroad, Feb 5, 2007.

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    I have several 6 gal. unused plastic diesel fuel storage plastic jugs. Never used. I'd like to use a 12V Shurflo pump and regulator that I could switch from jug to jug with the chemical/herbicides/pesticides in them. Many times I have left over product and rather keep it for another spray rather than washing it into the holding tank. Does anyone know if a pump and ragulator with a wand is available that will fit a standard fuel jug cap. I can get the pump without any problems but the regulator and wand to calibrate the amt/1000sq.ft is unknown to me. Thanks, Roy
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    It *sounds* like a good idea, but you may be in violation of several laws if you transfer pesticides into a fuel can. I don't remember the law (may not have ever known it *that* well...), but keep the possibility in mind. I'd contact your state chemists office before you try to set this up.

    As for a regulator and pump, I really don't know.
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    That would be illegal in NY, pesticides have to be in a container with their label on it. This way all the important information is right there on the container as well as there is no doubt as to what product is in there. Im not sure if it would be illegal in your state but I would imagine that this is probably a pretty standard regulation in every state.
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    If it's the concentrated pesticide, yes.

    BUT, if the pesticide is mixed, I don't see how that can be the law... If so, every single person spraying anything in a backpack sprayer would be doing so illegally.

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