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    I am new to spraying. Yes I am licensed and this is my first year. I started all granular but came across a good deal and I am ready to add 2 liquid apps to my program.
    Anyway, I have a centrifugal pump set-up and for now all I am doing is lawns so it should work fine. The system has no control valves except for the aggitation valve. Can someone point me in the direction of what i need? Also I have attached a couple of pictures. Please make any suggestions you want. I am also looking for hose. Will 1/2 " be fine?

    Here is some I came across......

  2. CleanCutMowers

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    Here's the pics

    Picture 046.jpg

    Picture 047.jpg
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    First, that's a roller pump with a 6:1 reduction gear on the engine. That brown line is coming out of the tank, so you've got the hoses backwards by the "Rotation on the Pump Arrows". Can't tell which is your return(agitation) or which is your product but that valve should be on your boom or hand spray wand controlling it and let the agitation relief use the excess . These put out a lot of pressure and good volume.; I use them on a big boom for pastures, fences, and trees in TN. You should be putting down 2 gallons/1000sq ft. for your fertilize and more up to 5gallon/K for fungicides. I suggest that you get a pressure gauge on both the pressure at the pump and the pressure on the wand or boom.
    What do you need specifically? You need to know the type of turf, your type of weeds, trees and folliar plants, what works on warm seasoned grasses does not work on cool season grasses, but you're probably cool seasoned grass as fescue and bluegrass.
    A lot of us are all liquid with begining pre-em in the early spring and continuing until 1st killing frost. A few have 12 month programs with full service like soil test and pruning in the winter with top-dressing..etc. You've got to develop a program that is right for your area with as many clients as you can adequately maintain without rushing when things weatherwise throws you a curveball.
    There's many good people here so pick someone who knows more than you and move upwards. Hang around the best as "Birds of the Feather; flock together", Get to know your local Extension Agent from the University. Study, study, and more study.
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    Raim is right; it is a roller pump. Green hose goes to your reel or gun, yellow hose is connected to your pressure regulator, and conveys the excess flow and pressure back to the tank for agitation. Rotate the screw on the pressure regulator valve (PRV) to control pressure. If it works, fine. I am not sure what direction the motor rotates. To me, at first it appeared that the intake of the pump was wrong--but now I can see the labels on the pump: "In" and "Out".
    Consider a filter on the intake side. The green output hose has two pipe reducers in the connection. This squeezes the flow down to a tiny diameter opening of about a quarter inch--which in turn reduces the flow and pressure available through the green hose to the gun. Correct this if possible.
    Inexpensive pump--you may need to replace the rollers every year. A better pump will last longer, particularly if you use high pressure. Good start--hope it works out OK.
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    To answer your question about the hose, that looks like a 3/8" hose. On low pressure, high volume applications, 1/2" works much better. Less pressure loss on the gun end and strain on the roller pump. I would also lose all of the galvanized iron fittings in favor of stainless steel or at least brass. Lawn solutions are highly corrosive to iron. It is a good idea to have a 25 mesh T strainer on the suction side to catch any large particles, especially if you are dissolving solid fertilizers in the tank. The amount of insoluble material in a bag can be amazing. What I also want to see is a pressure gauge on the pump output so you know how much to screw down on your throttling valve. Otherwise, this is a nice set up for just doing lawns with a hand gun. What I use is much more complicated, however I also spray trees at high pressure with a tree gun and large areas with a boom from the same skid pump.
  6. CleanCutMowers

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    Thanks for all the help guys!! And yes the pump is moving in the right direction.
    Would you suggest I lose all the fittings on the out put side and redo them?
    So I need the regulator on the out side right before the hose? This will show me how much pressure is coming through I guess. And just add another fitting in right before the hose for the pressure regulator? Can i get these parts at a local place?

    What pressure should I be at for lawn spraying, no fungicides. Just fert and weed control.
  7. RigglePLC

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    Liquid fert needs high volume (to reduce the burn potential). Three gallons per minute is about minimum. I use 100 pounds pressure. Other wise you can use lower pressures and lower volume--depending on your gun and nozzle set up.

    I use galvanized iron fittings for pressure guage etc. Most hardware stores will have everything you need.

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