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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by 1grnlwn, Aug 10, 2002.

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    I am building a spray rig for my 3/4 PU. Its extra cab with the short bed. So to maximize space and have room for granular, I am building my own sprayer. Looking at 200 gal tank and would like to have gas/ not electric power. I have a 300 gal w/hypro 570 psi pump, so I thought I could save some bucks and go with roller pump and smaller engine. I have hannay reel and am wondering what pump/engine combo would work the best. Currently spray 3 gal/1000 am considering going to 1.5 gal/1000. There are many rollers and i was wondering if anyone had a good combo.

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    I would suggest a hypro 4101 4 roller pump direct coupled to a 3-5 hp. gas engine.:) ;) :) ED
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    i would also like to build a sprayer. I have access to get evrything but the pump. Where could i get a hypro or other pump from?
  4. www.dultmeier.com

    E-mail me if you need any help.

    I would recomend a Hypro HY 9910-252GRGI $372.50 (complete less engine) over the roller pump.

    Roller pumps are not to fond of wettable powders.

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