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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by justinc, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. justinc

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    Just finished my first year sealing. Noticed on the last job I did the pump on my seal-rite 700 acting weird. Usually I take the tip out of my wand to lay a bead around the edges. I was having to turn the pressure up to 100 psi to get a decent amount of sealer to come out when 30-40 psi usually works. Also, I'm noticing some air leaking out of the pump. It's just not getting enough pressure. Never taken the pump apart but it doesn't look to difficult. Any thoughts on what it might be. I'm thinking maybe a torn diaphragm.
  2. joeE

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    First check strainers, make sure sealer is getting to pump. Then check air actuating parts under small access door for water, rust, worn seals, lac of lub, ect, make sure acc door has a good seal. If you have a regulater/seperater, make sure its not full of water. WHERE is air leaking from pump? & how much? Any change in cycling?
  3. justinc

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    I've cleaned out the strainer basket so it's not that. Not sure where the access door is at. I'll look for it. Something might be full of water. Water was coming out of the muffler for a second when I opened up the main valve. It's not coming from the compressor. I opened up the drain valve on it and just air came out.

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