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    Okay I gotcha. Seal off with rocks and stones more than anything. Main thing is to get it pulled up some more.
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    Tadpole has it right. We've done many pond/waterfall systems and have had no problems. However, we learned (the hard way) to provide a programmable 24-volt valve to keep the water level correct, since liner fail is the norm, even though we line the pond with carpet remnants to soften the liner. These guys know what their doing:

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    That'll dood it.

    Just pray that the thing was not originally constructed wrong and has been leaking since day one, cause if that's the case, you are looking at some Ka-ching to affect a remedy.

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    One more question and I think you've got me covered

    These ponds have accumulated years of decayed material. Is their a cleanup method that can be done while they are full with water? Any magic chemicals out there?

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    This one is easy. The answer is NO.

    There are chemicals and bacterial/enzymes combos on the market that will break up muck.What they don't tell you is that you still retain the same nutrient level in the water so the problem is still there.

    I have not seen any indication of fish or aquatic plants in the pics, so I am assuming that this is really just a decorative feature and an eco-system is not a concern. A complete draining followed by pressure washing will do much to restore the aesthetics of this feature. A certain level of maintenance will, however, be required to maintain the desired appearance.

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