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Discussion in 'The Green Guardian' started by JimmyStew, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. JimmyStew

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    Can green guardian be applied using a standard pump or backpack sprayer or would I need a powered spray unit?

    Also, I downloaded your catalog from the website and it has 2006 product prices, are these acurate to date? and what is the best way to order and how long does it take to ship?

    And one last question...do I have to buy it direct or do you have distributors that it can be purchased from. I am in the northeast and would be interested in trying the product.
  2. green_mark

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    The products are the same prices as last year with the exception of the granular products as the cost of feed meals has increased to the point where we have discontinued offering the as they are now too costly.

    A backpack sprayer works just fine as long as you have a 6510 to 8010 tip.
    When you get into larger volumes of customers you will need to get a larger sprayer but until then this is fine.

    All orders are direct from us.
    Call me at 651-295-8388

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