pumping gas is dangerous

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by P&J Lawncare, Jun 30, 2002.

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    I was filling on of my mowers the other day and it quit pumping gas all of a sudden so I got off my trailer to hit the button to start the pump over and as soon as I got to the pump the hose come off the pump and sprayed my entire face full of gas. I got gas in my eyes and mouth so I went into the station (with the nozzle and the hose still in my hand) and as soon as I got in the door the lady behind the register said "oh my god what happened" so I told her that the hose fell out of the pump and sprayed my face full of gas so she took me to the sink so I could rinse my eyes out and she called the paramedics so they could take me to the hospital. While I was waiting for the paramedics the lady said that the pump that I was using was just repaired yesterday because a person pulled out without taking the pump out of their car and they ripped the hose out of the pump, I assumed it was just a fluke accident that the hose came off but it wasn't and now they are going to pay for their sloppy repair work. I am presently taking steroids for the puffiness in my face and eyedrops for my eyes because of the chemical burns I got due to this incident so in the future watch out at the gas pumps because you never who just fixed them.
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    That don't sound too fun.

    I hope you got everything documented and ready to go.
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    Not only is it documented it is in living color because one of my friends pulled into the station as I was dragging the hose into the station and he started to take pictures of the whole incident. He took pictures of the pump and pictures of me in the sink trying to rinse my eyes out, also the paramedics were told what happened by the gas station employee and she gave me her number so my attorney could call her if need be.
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    Might as well jump on the band wagon.........I'd say you got cause to do so with this one. Your buddies arrival was timely as well. :)
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    Sorry to hear of your mis-fortune...

    Ride this wave, as long as it'll take you!
  6. If they pay your med bills and you sue for more I hope you NEVER have an accident.

    Sorry to hear about that.

    I had a guy helping me spray lawns and a hose blew off the pumps fitting and sprayed him in the face.

    We flushed his eyes and hosed him down real good. Luckily that was it.
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    There are lots of lawsuits going on these days and many are just people looking for money, you have a legitimate issue here and don't be swayed by anyone telling you not to pursue it. Whoever made the repair to that pump did it WRONG and that resulted in your injury but it could have resulted in death.

    Just imagine if that was your mom or grandmother fueling up and getting a bath of gasoline. Someone did a repair that was not correct, there is no excuse. They are liable. You suffered pain, lost time and injury and you deserve to be compensated. And yes you deserve more than the paying for the medical bills. I cant imagine letting someone injure you because of negligence and letting them off because they agreed to pay for your medical care. Would you feel the same if you lost your sight and they said they would pay for a guide dog for the rest of your life?

    I am glad that you weren't hurt more seriously. I hope you are back out mowing soon.
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    Yep, just one happy litigious society we are.
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    Lawngodfather, I hope you really don't mean he should ONLY be reimbursed for his medical bills.

    What about the pain?
    What about the loss of work and related family hardship?
    What about lingering effects/permanent damage?

    He should be reimbursed for all.
  10. Scraper

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    I think you missed your calling...you should've been a lawyer. How do you know he had any of the above? Not to mention, what o you really think he'll get? You'd be surprised...by the time the lawyers are done collecting their share he might have enough left over to buy a cup of coffee. That's the problem with society today...everyone is out to make a quick buck. :mad:

    On this rare occasion, I have to agree with LGF ;) as if the shoe were on the other foot, I'm sure he'd be praying to whatever God he has that the people don't sue him.

    P.S. You forgot loss of consortium.

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