Pumpkin farming?

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by HazellLawnCare, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. HazellLawnCare

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    Anyone have any experience? I have a few acres that I have been considering growing pumpkins on. How profitable is this? Also would it be better to load them on a trailer and sell them at the local walmart parking lot or advertise that people can come pick out their own pumpkins?
  2. Wyboo

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    We can not grow them well here. We tend to get to much rain at a very crucial time of spraying or something like that. Usually Walmrt will buy local produce, pumpkinks, etc. Try talking to your county extension agent. They would be better suited to tell you about crops. Also local farmer markets are a great place to sell pumpkins.
  3. toddq33

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    They sell very good here. You make more if you sell them at your place, but you can sell tons fast if you go through wal mart. I would do both my self. Quite profitable. Not a whole lot of work involved. Seeds are cheap after your first year. Keep some from your existing pumpkins and replant. End of season clean up is easy. Find a pig farmer and tell him to come get whats left.
  4. ryannicholson

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    I grow watermelons, cantaloupe, tomatos. cukes, squash, and have even grown a few pumpkins. They are very difficult to grow here. They are not very tolerant to any diseases. If you have fog in August and September you should just forget about wasting your time with pumpkins. They do not do well near any other cucurbits as they will catch any diseases that the other crops have. Aphids will wipe you out as well. If conditions are not perfect then you have a lot of management to do and still something can wipe them out like the plague.

  5. muddstopper

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    Our biggest problems where always groundhogs. They could wipe out an acre of plants in one nite. We sold most of ours to the local fleamarket, but we only grew about an acre a year.
  6. backtobasicslawncare

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    im growing pumpkins here the plant is getting bigger i already seen blooms in them.
  7. New Heights

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    We have 5 acres in NY we plant gords, pumpkins and indian corn, we sell them to our maintenance clients for seasonable displays in October. Ths winds being a nice nut on the bottom line at the end of the year. Also, the clients love it and its a big tax break on the property. and some of our trucks are registered as farm equipment and thats a big break too.

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