Pumps my weak link..need advice

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Correct voltage doesn't always mean that enough current is getting through.
    Test pump on different circuit if possible.
    Also, open the back of the pump and check to make sure the centrifugal switch doesn't have a broken spring or something else amiss.
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    Please tell me you didn't let the magpies get the skunk skin.

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    Went back out there with my multimeter and Mike was somewhat right. Not a gfi but off a second breaker/fuse box in the elevator room. so I had no power to the on/off lever junction box. I mistakenly assumed it was running off the main breaker box only. None of those were tripped. Pushed up some ceiling tiles and tracked the conduit to the elevator room. Anyway I checked the ohms and got a reading of 2 on L1-L2, L1-L3, L2-L3
    Each to the ground gave no reading
    Went ahead and checked the ohms to the spare wire in the motor housing and got 1.5 from all three

    The junction box in the pump room.

    I opened the breaker box in the elevator room and it had 3 10amp fuses.
    I checked the power feeding it and got 220
    I checked the power after the fuses and got no voltage(yes the lever was on)

    I checked the ohms through the fuses and got no readings.
    So I'm concluding three blown fuses. I have an electrician coming for some other stuff next week so I'll turn it over to him.

    What do you think Jabbo? Thanks for the help.
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    Sub-feeds can drive a tech to :drinkup:
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    You mean like this???

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    So what is an India pale ale , as say, compared to a lager or pilsner?
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    IPAs tend to have a lot of hops in them. Very distinct flavor. I have only recently started enjoying very hoppy beers. Some IPAs can be very bitter, which I think is what turned me off from them years ago.

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