Pumps- What are you using on your features?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Lite4, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Lite4

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    What brand and types of pumps is everyone using for their waterfeatures.
    Small - Large. I have always used pondworks pumps for my small core drilled, pondless applications. I have also used the Aquascape 10k on some medium features which I really liked. It was very quiet and pumped a ton of water. For large features, 500 - 10,000 gpm, I only use Carry pumps. What is everyone else using.
  2. Venturewest

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    My little disclaimer: I have only installed 3 waterfalls, one with a pond so I don't have that much to contribute. I have used Savio pumps in 2 of them, and a Calpump in one. I used it because I got a 4800 gph pump for $89. Obviously there is more to consider than cost, but the real reinforcer was the very low wattage it uses.

    I hadn't heard of Carry Pumps but I checked out the website and they look really nice. Do you buy them through a local distributor?
  3. Lite4

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    I get them through my local JDL dist. They don't stock them, but I just custom order the size pump I need with the impeller I want. They push a ton of water with relatively low energy consumption in relation to other pumps their size. These are only for larger waterfalls where you are going to push a ton of water. Their minimun discharge is 4". We have installed them with 8" discharge though. Talk about a big pump.
  4. LandArts

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    I had a couple of CalPumps die on me prematurely, mostly use Savio now.
  5. jasonlandscape

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    aquascapes tsurimi???
  6. n2h20

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    Easy pro, pondmaster, savio and oase for submersible pumps and Performance Pro for the large external pumps.

    Pondmasters are fairly cheap and last a few years, when they go out it is usually an impeller or volute that wears out, i just replace that.. it cost like 30 bucks for the 2.
    never had any trouble with any of the other pumps...

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