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    I am looking at getting my own side business going next season, but i do not really want to start with a trash pump seat up. I am thinking of getting a steel seal coat tank with agitation system but i think i could save a buck and build my own diaphragm pump set up. They look straight forward and simple...gas powered air tank with a pump and a surge tank, strainer.I am looking for more in site into whats need to be done to build a pump and what is a recommended set up?
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    I too would like to hear about this setup. I have a Wilden M8 Pump and would like to know what compressor setup I could use with this without breaking the bank. And anything else I might need. I already have 300 gallon steel agitated tank.
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    Wilden is the best and you mainly need CFM since the normal models have a Max PSI of 125. So best to get a multi-cylinder single stage compressor. The more "Free Air" CFM (not "displacement" or theoretical CFM) the better especially if you ever want to add a second wand or spray bar.Most "name brand" equipment used 30 gallon Emglo compressors with a single stage Honda powered compressor (you can save with no electric start since Honda's always start with 1 or 2 pulls anyway.
    There are other good brands but most are more expensive; but if you plan on years of use I'd suggest the Emglo.

    Side Note: This is the worst time in 40 years to be getting into the sealing business. Sales are off so badly that probably 10%+ of contractors in business less than 2 years have gone under and big well-established companies have sold off parts of their fleet and laid off many employees to stay profitable. :dizzy:
    The economy isn't going to get better soon and property owners have slashed maintenance budgets. I personally know 2 companies in business over 15 years that closed in the last year and the classifieds like on the NPCA web site and PaverMarket magazine are loaded with machines "used 3 times-take up payments and such. Great time to buy used equipment for anything related to pavement... sealing, paving, whatever... there's tons of low hour equipment out there as companies keep going under or downsizing.
    Materials prices are going up $ up (doubled in the last 2 years) and they will continue to rise rapidly for at least 3 to 5 more years the "experts" say.
    Study your market and potential competition first before spending... there's guys out there cutting prices just to get the job and break even another month-most have given up on large profits and are happy to make a profit.
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    Thanks DDT
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    Do the "wheel barrel" compressors work? I see them on some set ups but they can't be more than 10 gallons??? I've been using my setup Wich has no spray just a hand agitated steel tank. I apply with brush. Problem is I moved down south and all work is commercial so looking to make mine a spray rig
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    You are not kidding one bit. The lowballers are out there cutting and slashing prices competing like maniacs for what pavement might be available. If this year is anything like last year when November rolls around they will once again be competing to sell almost brand new equipment for little of nothing so they will have the cash to buy a turkey and Christmas presents.
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    Yup I know what you mean. I just saw this clown starting in business like last Jully, really bad time to start his business. He said he's been painting cars for over 10 years so sealing is easy for him.. Pretty sure he won't be around next year lol

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