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Discussion in 'Pumptec' started by Pumptecguy, May 10, 2010.

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    Thanks, would an alternative be to use a different spray gun. Maybe one not designed for necessarly lawns and fit it with a large droplet size nozzle? I played around with it again and was able to acheive about a 2 GPM rate, which is better but I would like to see it more in the 1.25 range. Would appreciate any feedback or research you can provide.
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    You can use a TeeJet '08 nozzle of you want. The chart indicates 1.26 gpm at 100 psi. Alternatively, you can use a '10 nozzle if you want the same flow at 60 psi (less drift). or '12 nozzle at about 40 psi (even less drift and distance).

    All of these recommendations assume you have a way of measuring pressure at the gun, or better yet, the nozzle tip. If you do not, then you will need to make or buy a pressure testing kit.

    To set your performance, find the tip and spray pressure you like and then adjust the pressure regulator on the sprayer down until you achieve the pressures mentioned above for each nozzle size; e.g. 40-45 psi at the gun for a '12 nozzle.

    I hope this helps.
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    I'm trying to start a spray business this comming spring. I would only be doing around 20 lawns at the most. I just need a sprayer to spot spray selective herbicides in residential lawns that are around 1/4 to 1/3 acre. Would a 12v sprayer with a 13 or 50 gallon tank be sufficient for this? What would a system like this cost?
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    I can help you with equipment questions, but I cannot help you determine the size you need based upon the yard although these seem fairly small. Ask the group for their recommendations for equipment size.

    I will provide you with some things to think about:
    1) You will need about 300 ft of hose to reach all the areas.
    2) 3/8" hose will be lighter and easier to handle than 1/2", but require more pump pressure capacity. Little plastic diaphragm pumps will not work for this.
    3) If you are planning on spraying only fert out of a shower head like trigger gun, then you do not need much in the way of pump power. If you plan to spray trees, then you will need at least 150 psi of real pump capacity.
    4) Our model 80815 is the smallest, basic sprayer we offer. It uses our 1.5 gpm, 150 psi pump and has a 30 gal tank. It was designed to fit in the John Deere Gator.
    5) Our 50 gallon sprayers (80810 - manual, 80812 - electric reel) have the standard 3 gpm, 150 psi pump system, 300' 3/8" hose, and electrically independent electrical system - on-board battery box (27 Series battery not included) and charging system do not need to be connected to the vehicle. This series of sprayer can be placed into a truck box, used and removed when finished. Your truck does not have to become a sprayer rig 24/7 - 365 with Pumptec sprayers.
    6) Our sprayers are available through John Deere Landscapes and other dealers.

    Let me know if you need anymore information.

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