PumpTec Spray Unit with Electric Cox Reel $1000 obo

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by TURFmagician219, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. TURFmagician219

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    I'm selling a PumpTEC Electric Sprayer System that comes with a powered Cox Reel, 300 ft of hose, built in battery charger (I just hard wired and had a back up battery), dual circuit selector, and a 125 gal tank. (200 gal tank available if desired) Can be easily reconfigured to fit a truck or van.

    I bought this sprayer new in 2010. I have only run herbicide (3-way/Triplet) through this unit. No liquid fert. The pump is the 350U series. Here's a link for the pump specs:


    This unit is works great. The only reason I'm selling is because I no longer have the van that it was in and it has become an extra or spare unit. I need to free up the space and put a little more weight on my direct mail campaign.

    $1000 obo​

    It's been winterized and well maintained.
    Feel Free to post questions or send me a pm. I will do my best to reply in a timely manor.
    I'm located approx 40 min S.E. of Chicago.




  2. TURFmagician219

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    Bump....bump....bump.....still available!
  3. grassmaster06

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    Do you have any more pics of the unit so I can see how the tank and and frame connect and does it agitate to mix and what kind of coverage do you get from one tank.sorry for all the questions but I might be interested
  4. TURFmagician219

    TURFmagician219 LawnSite Member
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  5. TURFmagician219

    TURFmagician219 LawnSite Member
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    REDUCED!!! $800....Come pick her up! Dandelions will be poppin' before we know it!
  6. JeffW0011

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    Can you pm me your number? I am very interested.
  7. Oxmow

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    Would you ship it to Okla?
  8. TURFmagician219

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    I shipped a big 300 Gal Lesco Skid from NW Indiana to WI for a guy and he only paid $250 I believe. I had a z-spray shipped from CT for under $400. You set it up and I will throw it on the truck when it arrives.:)
  9. SouthernTurf

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    still have this unit? I'm very interested. Shipping without the tank may be cheaper if you'll sell without the tanks. PM me your number so we can talk.

    RABBITMAN11 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I'm in indy and interested please pm me a contract number
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