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    Here are some pics that I was e-mailed today from Puppypaws, I will let him explain the conditions and his thoughts....
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    This is grass that was cut only one time last year because of the wet conditions we had in Union County, NC. I cut this grass on one side of my lake with a 15' fold up John Deere rotary cutter behind a 150 hp John Deere tractor. I just thought I would see what this new 28 efi and 66" XR-7 deck could do with this big grass which I actually thought there was no way it could handle it and I would have to get the tractor. I was absolutely amazed that this mower could cut this grass and leave a perfect job done in one pass. I cannot explain what this new deck design and 28 efi engine can do, you would have to experience it for yourself to believe it, I am still amazed at the cutting ability of this machine. I am able to make a very good comparison because I've had a 2004 27/60 and a 2005 27/60 with the larger discharge opening and fusion blades. I will say that this new designed mower has increased my mowing productivity by 20 to 25%, 9% for the extra width in the deck and probably 15% because I am able to cut a bigger percentage of the grass at 15 mph. The flex forks and new deck allow me to do this because it rides and cuts smoother, this deck will mow perfectly in normal grass at 15 mph where the other mowers I had could not mow this perfectly at that high rate of speed. If there is another mower on the market that can even compare to this one I am not aware of it, you need to try it to believe it.
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    Thats awesome puppypaws. I agree with you, i didnt think the Hustler could handle my conditions either but it definitely did. I have the Fastrak 20/52 and i'm super pleased with it. Nice to see you take out that grass :) Cool Stripes. Have a good one

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