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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tiredofmowing, Mar 3, 2012.

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    I have a 1982 Jd 212 that has finally become repair intensive and needs replaced. We have a newer home (6yrs) on 1.7acres that was formally pasture it is rough and bouncy but flat with slight grade. Based on the dealers in the area We have looked at

    Ferris is 500 suspension seemed like a good fit with our yard
    Exmark Pioneer
    Badboy zt
    Huslter Fastrak
    Ferris evolution ($1500 rebate?)

    Lastly we looked at the evolution and as a former motorcyle rider(before kids) it seemed like it could be fun and the seat suspension might work with our rough yard. Any thought?

    I realize that anything will be better than a 1982 JD but we want this next mower to last in 15-20 yr mark. We want our lawnmower to work everytime without having to work on it and work fast. I appreciate any suggestions or considerations that we should keep in mind.

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    I sold a guy a zt the other day, he was looking at the evo and the ferris. I suggested the grammar seat, so for 4499 plus $350 he was very happy with the build and the ride...
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    Thanks we looked at the bad boy the other day and it was solid. We continued looking around and stopped by the Hustler and simplicity dealer trying to find a deal as they all seem to run together after awhile. The Simplicty dealer had a demo of last years zt3000(I think,.1hrs, it looked and felt like a ferris only less $$$) which had the suspension front 44inch cut and B & S els 24hp motor and a 2yr +1yr warranty for $3600. I know that this is a different machine than what I started looking for but my wife likes(she is the mower in the family) the fact that it is new and I liked the fact it was $1-2k less than what we were looking at. Hopefully it will wear well and it was a good buy. So the million dollar question did I get a good deal on a relaible machine????

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