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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JCee, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. JCee

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    I have asked alot of questions about dethatchers recently..aka flail vs tine vs knife and have got alot of different opinons. Ive never used any of them and did not know what to expect.

    I heard the flail was the best one so I went out and bought it. 850 after tax for a 6.5hp parker pretty good deal. Unfortunately after reading the manual I realized that I think the flail is too aggressive for what I am trying to do. From what the manual says its meant for complete renovation and soil penetration. In other words it destroys the turf.

    What I need it for is more to clean the thatch and fluff the turf.

    Well now I got it home and can only return it with a 15% restocking fee. Freakin blows....127 bucks to drive the thing home and then return it. Never even put it together....

    Do you think they will give me a break??? I bought it 15 hours ago
  2. TurfProSTL

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    Practice on your lawn first. See if you can adjust the height up to minimize damage and still do what you want to do.

    Also, check and see how much a reel with slicing blades is before you pay $127 to return the thing. Keep the flail blades around for when you need to be aggressive.....
  3. Richard Martin

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    Hmm... That bites. Call the people you bought it from and ask them. I'm going to assume you opened the box to get the instructions out and they may insist on the 15% now that the box has been opened.
  4. impactlandscaping

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    Depending on your standing with your dealer, they may take it back and sell you a spring tine dethatcher. But like Richard said, if you opened the box, you may have to eat the 15% restock fee. I think most dealers would understand, especially if you are going to purchase another unit in its place. Good luck.
  5. PaulJ

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    If you can't take it back just be careful how deep you set it. wiht shallow setting a flail rake can do the job wihtout being too destructive. YOU can get spring tine reals/shafts for most of the power rakes also.
    I use a JRCO tine rake on the front of my mower when I can and make several passes, But it won't fit everywhere so I have an old flail rake that does the job when i need it to.
  6. one man gang

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    Do you plan on buying another machine from the guy? If so he'll waive the fee. I run mine on it's highest setting and I don't go full throttle(about half) and it does a just what your looking to do

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