purchase of a zero turn mower

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawntrooper, May 11, 2013.

  1. Blade Runners

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    No cash, no finance leaves you to beg, borrow, steal or trade both Lescos and some cash. I really don't know why you even asked such a question. Were you expecting some miracle answer on how to get a 60" ZTR and $3k bagger for free?
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    It's easy, lease it.
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  3. aaronmg

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    If you belong to a church I'm sure you could borrow someones mower from there??? God willling....
  4. lawntrooper

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    to answer your question, this is why I refuse to finance...at the end of the day if i decide to walk away from this I dont want to be stuck with a fancy machine i cant even cut my own lawn with
  5. 32vld

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    57 accounts and you do not know if you want to stay?

    You got a better option to make more money?

    If so then why are you still mowing lawns?

    57 mows @ $30 for 28 weeks = $47,880 + fert+ hedge trimming + lime + fall clean ups + spring clean ups + aerating + reseeding + bed maintenance + mulching, and you do not want to get a loan?

    Have not been able to put aside the cash to buy? :confused:

    I would rather pay cash. Though with 57 customers I could afford a loan. JD as been advertising for months on here with 0% loans.

  6. TPendagast

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    you probably need a little lesson in business management and not mower acquisition.

    But first off selling your old mowers, lesco walk behinds is like trying to sell used Dog Crap.

    No one wants it.

    so Lesson 1) keep those mowers they will make good back ups or possibly mowers you could use to expand to another crew and send employees out with.
    2) IF you sold them it would be VERY cheap to either a home owner or your new competition. either way the money you get for them would either enable yet another homeowner to not be using a pro to do the work or have some other guy running around under cutting your prices.

    No one who pays good money for mowers is going to want those walk behinds.

    What I mean by lesson in business management is, those current mowers should be paying for the upgrade. you say everything you have is paid for? So where is the money you are generating for replacements? Are those mowers and truck and trailer going to last you for eternity?
    someday they are just going to be plum wore out.
    57 accounts what is your average account? 3 grand? thats 150k per year...if your customers are less than 3 grand per customer on average, start there, Upgrade your customer list, add more services, upsell. Customers that are cheap or low producing, replace them with customers that are buying more.

    With one employee that is probably costing you 25 k per year, your fuel, and other direct costs like insurance etc is likely around 10k and... Im thinking you operate out of your garage as a sole proprietor, so Im guessing at a really low over head.

    so there definitely should be enough money to be stowing away cash to buy a new mower. you're looking at a price of 15 grand or there abouts with a good collection system (you might be able to do better)

    IF you cant squeeze this out 1) youre doing something wrong 2) stop buying beer, stop buying cigarettes, stop eating out and POOF you'll have a new mower in NO time.
  7. JDGlandscape

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    very good advice above. read through that a few times for it to really sink in. although depending on your area and amount of mows per year it may be hard to get 3k out of each customer.

    That last sentence is absolutely key. i got into a very bad habit of those three things. last year i never packed a lunch, subway, pizza, ect everyday for lunch, i had just turned 21 so i went out with friends a little too often, and me and my girlfriend love going out for dinner.. well needless to say at the end of the year i was a little sick to my stomach after adding up all the receipts =/
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  8. rgbintx

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    0% financing is same as cash, only using their money!

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