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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by atproperty, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. atproperty

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    My partner and I have done are homework and decided that Hustler Super Z is our best bet. We will be purchasing 2 60". We have found that they are competitive if not cheaper than all others. They are the shortest in length and the fastest in speed. They also have the best warranty 3 years. We are into striping with striping kits and Hustler offers two kinds, a squeegy type or roller. They even offer one for their walk behinds. We also bag all properties for various reasons.

    Hopefully this info has helped some people but now I need help. With the baggers(bac vac) these machines will equal to 17'4" leaving us no room for a walk behind. Hustler does sell the gatestar walk behind where the deck folds up but I still do not know if I can get away with a 20' trailer.

    Has anyone had this problem or have any experience or insight that would help us? We already considered that we may have to run two trucks and trailers.
  2. PLM-1

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    Isn't a 20' trailer cheaper than another truck and trailer. I believe it's a no-brainer! I have an 18' trailer with 1 ZTR, WB and a 21". I wish I had a 20'!
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    I will say that you did not go wrong on theSUPER Z with the BAC-VAC,I purchased one in Nov.and it is aweeeeeeeeeesommmmmmm!!Now the trailer,if you can afford the move I woud go with a 24' enclose.........cheaper than another truck and trailor.........
  4. atproperty

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    We already have additional trucks, that is not the problem. I was just wondering if anyone has had similar equipment to let me know if I could get away with a 20' trailer instead of hauling two.

    Also to the gentlemen who is recommending an enclosed.......my partner and I were looking at enclosed trailers. We scrapped the idea after looking at our operating budget for 2005. This will be our first year with what I would call "the big time" for me. We became aquianted with a property manager and by luck walked into a lot of condo properties that pay up front. We are going from a $50,000 business to $365,000 just based on contracts with no extras. Without upfront money we could not do it. To make a long story short there is so many expenses because of new equipment that we are trying to cut where ever possible so we do not flop.

    When we decide to what is it like to drive and maneuver something that large with blind spots? In reference to a 24' enclosed.
  5. PLM-1

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    Larger trailers are easier to maneuver. It's tons easier to back up a 20' than a 10'. Just try and make forward motions. The only problem I have is people try and crowd me on narrow roads.
  6. Branchland

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    We got our Super Z 60" this year and it is great! We liked the warrenty and what info about them too. Wish I could've wait til this year and got one because the roller won't work on mine. :angry:

    We have a 20' enclosed trailer and have cabints in the front. We load the Super Z, a 52" walkbehind, a 36" walkbehind and a 21" push. Also all the hand equipment. I would think you'd be ok with what you're wanting to haul.
  7. Branchland

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    Oh yeah, we got the bac vac system and it has done a great job. Just wish it held more.

    SONSCAPES LawnSite Member
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    We have a 20' dovetail trailer and can get the 60"hustler with bagger,greatdane 61" ztr, and a pushmower and walkbehind blower in front of the mowers with no problem. actually the width is tighter than the length with the hustler hope this helps. :waving: :waving:
  9. stumper1620

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    i have a 16' open trailer and wish it were an enclosed every time it rains, every night when i just want to go to bed (not unload a trailer), and all this winter when it could be storing, preseason prep. equipment to free up shop space. i would love to have that choice again. i would not hesitate enclosed would be first, i would still want an open trailer but, they are relatively cheap and could be picked up anytime.
    enclosed is cheaper than a pole barn. :cool2:
  10. atproperty

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    It took a while for it to sink in that I should come back here and let you guys know that your input was helpful and appreciated. They were all read. Thank You!

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