Purchase postcards where?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by 1grnlwn, Oct 28, 2001.

  1. Mowman

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    AWESOME!!!!!!! Great Site Gudio. I sent for their catalog and prices. Looks like some great marketing STUFF.
    Thanks Again Guido,

  2. Runner

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    Those really are nice packages for their marketing brochures. After looking into them, I see that this particular company doesn't go all too far out on the lavishness of the houses they use. As a matter of fact, these places look rather average, so they would be a little more suitable. (When I say average, I mean they are still nice U.M.C. homes.) Something to consider and check in to. Also, Mark, I think I saw something on there about them being able to use your pics if you want. I have a friend that does chemical, and his brochures have a picture of his truck on them.
  3. GreenStar

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    i buy blank cards at staples and use my office xp program to do my own. i use an hp office jet and they look great
  4. Lech615

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    Doesnt it take too much ink from our printer to print your own post cards?:confused:
  5. GreenStar

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    yes and no.. i usually get about 550 color cards from a catridge. we buy cartriges in bulk so one color cartridge cost $9.5 or so. p.s. my brother runs an office so we team up to buy large shipments this brings the price way down. if you can design your own cards on a pc and save to a disk most print shops will print the cards with no set up fee. this should cost no more than $.03 a piece
  6. Lech615

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  7. GreenStar

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    one more thing, if you deal with direct mail companies make sure you count your first order. weigh it and always take them to the post office yourself to ensure your getting what you pay for. if you weigh them you should't have any problems being short. they can stuff them but YOU ALWAYS MAIL THEM, i said this twice because i got burned.
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