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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by njroadie, Apr 12, 2001.

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    After obsessing about the purchase for a couple of weeks, I settled on a Toro Tbar 48" WB with the 14hp kawi engine. I also purchased a 2 wheel velke. The entire setup with velke cost me $2675 delivered. I demo'ed both the Toro and the Exmark Metro 48" walkbehinds, and I liked the Toro controls better. The Toro was also about $200 cheaper.

    This thing should chew through my 1.5 acres without breaking a sweat!
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    I cannot imagine anyone wanting to squeeze those pistol grips all day. There is just no effort to using the T-bar steering, all you are doing is walking.

    With a sulky the T-bar is even more a must since you are standing up higher. Watch a guy on a sulky with a T-bar, he is standing up straight. A guy on a sulky with pistol grips is kind of hunched over, back pain city.

    It sounds like for that price you got a fixed deck. If so, I would like to see ya post how you think it cuts later in the year. I personally like the floating deck for better cut.

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