Purchase time!!! Terex or Cat??

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bigyazooriver, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. bigyazooriver

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    Buying an MTL soon.. We think. Have demod and used on jobs for last five years several ASV TAks Deere and bobcat. As a limited manager of our company, want to purchase best machine for jobs with least downtime and service issues. With that said, as a landscaper, our jobs in MS are mainly clay and topsoil and rolling hills. Our main jobs include grading, clearing overgrowth, sidewalk and driveway forming and pouring, sodding, bedding, etc. nothing revolved around bush hogging or rock and gravel work.

    Crazy, but ASV was the best machine all around we rented. But each time we picked up from HDepot, the employees were always talking about the machine being straight out of shop. Now with Terex owning AsV, I am sure they have fixed maybe some of the quirks. But to this day, Cat AND Terex use same Perk 2.2 L engine and I know Cat In house engineered their own MTL undercarriage. Concerning they haven't picked up a better Reputable diesel brand like Kubota.

    The help / input /review our LCO needs is users who have used or rented Cat 247b3 and /or Terex PT50. Please give whatever pertinent info you have on why or why not you would BUY each unit. Thanks.
  2. bobcat_ron

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    I owned 247B2, loved it, the engine burned oil, so it was time to get rid of it. The cab is much better than the crampy ASV and I liked the weight distribution better, 70/30, the ASV's are all about 50/50, and they look tippy when they are using a large bucket.
  3. bigyazooriver

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    Exact same price as well for both units. Which i was shocked by actually. Thought cat wouldn't be able to match. Both are 2012 models.
  4. Digdeep

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    I own a RC50 in your area and I know your local dealer. I have been very satisfied with the RC50 that I bought, but I have performed much of the service since I bought it used without warranty.

    Based on the fact that you will have warranty on your machine I would expect better support from the local CAT dealer- Fabco. The local Terex dealer is primarily focused on their primary brands. also you are looking at the 247 and not the 257. For these two reasons I would suggest the CAT. If I were buying new it is the choice I would make. I would imagine the rinancing with CAT is also better.

    BTW...CAT did not inhouse design their undercarriage. Terex (ASV) still builds them over in MN and ships them to NC.
  5. bigyazooriver

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    Not much support for Terex here in Mississippi. Not even a dealer listed on Terex.com. However their is a company that does sell them, albeit they have no inventory of any Terex PT MTL. Which says alot. The financing route is definitely better with Cat if you stay inhouse. The big thing is performance...which one of these MTLs is gonna perform the best and not spin or loose traction going up slippery hills or loose soils.

    I thought Cat completely cut bait with Terex/ASV on tracks. Thanks for the update.
  6. ksss

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    CAT designed their own CTL maybe that is what your thinking. They still at least for now still market the MTL which uses the ASV undercarriage. As far as floatation and long term durability I think the ASV is the way to go. However given you have no real support for the ASV, and the price is the same, going with the CAT may make more sense. If they dont stock any Terex machines you can be assured they dont stock any parts either. We have a Bobcat dealer here that is much the same.
  7. muddywater

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    I would be looking at a Cat 259 with a steel undercarriage. There is no way in hell i would ever own another asv undercarriage. Cat wont even rent out an asv undercarriage
  8. bigyazooriver

    bigyazooriver LawnSite Member
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    Have any of y'all heard about what the pain in the a$$ changing oil filters on the 2.2 Perkins is? Way the hell back there and have to take out hydro filter and fuel filter to get good leverage on the filter? Supposedly hell of a lot suction on that oil filter to get off.
  9. bobcat_ron

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    I never had any issue when I did an oil change. I just used one of those vice grip chain filter wrenches.
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  10. MackCat

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    My Cat dealer has several Cat machines with ASV undercarriages in their rental fleet. Contractors request them over the cat design because they climb hills better.

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