Purchased a scag cheetah 52" with 1,000 hours need help


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Hey guys as the title states i purchased a 2015 scag cheetah 52" with tiger eye and fx730 kawi for $3,000 it has 1,020 hours on it which is just a baby IMO.

The mower is in great shape and he always did trans oil at 400 hours and engine every 50-100, the mover drives smooth and flawless and the engine fires right up every time no smoke and sounds perfect as well. Only thing he didn't do was wash it.. this was easily the filthiest mower i every seen but underneath all the grime is a perfect un-faded paint job! The cheetah also came with a full belt driven triple bagger system made by scag which i will prolly just end up selling as I don't bag..

My question is this.. Since he had it set up for bagging and all he ever did was bag i belive he has low lift blades on it and i also believe the baffles are not set up for regular open shoot cutting.. can you guys help me to detrerman what baffle system I should have that will work best with an open shoot (regular cutting) side discharge deck? My first purchase is going to be brand new high lift blades since the blades that are on it now are shot anyways but im mainly concerned with setting up the baffles properly and getting them dialed in for a non bagging setup.

Any help would be great and include pics of what my deck should look like underneith for the proper setup so i know which baffles i need to buy and where they should go Thanks!