Purchased Hustler Super Z 60/28 EFI Need Advice

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JLH, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. JLH

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    I ordered a Hustler Super Z 60/28 EFI yesterday, should have it shortly.

    This is my first ZTR. I wanted to know if someone can give me some advice on things to do and not to do before using the mower the first time.

    Breakin procedure?

    Will the deck need adjusting or are they usually set correctly from factory?

    I know synthetic oil is a personal preference, but if I go that route, should I change to synthetic before using the first time?

    Which synthetic is the choice of most of the LCO's here on the forum?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. MMLawn

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    You'll probably get different opinions on here but here is mine.

    On all new rider's I have bought regardless of make I have always been told to run the motor wide open during break-in. I have heard other say that they were told not over 1/2 but wide open for me never caused any trouble.

    The dealer "should" level the deck as part of his set up. At least mine always have.

    As to sythn I would not use it for at least the first 100 hours, but that is really not as important anyway if you cahmnge the oil often and regular...say every 50 hours even though the manual will probably say 100...and ALWAYS change the filter at oil change even though the manual says every other time as it is very good $5 insurance. Also as to sythn check your warranty paperwork.
  3. loborojo338

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    I think you will love your Super Z.We have had ours for about two weeks now and it is awesome. It should be ready to go when you pick it up. There is one thing I do with mine is reduce the throttle to about half when you engage the blades.It just seems it is a little better on the machine.Also I let it idle at the lowest rpm for a few minutes before I shut it off. Enjoy and good luck. :cool2:
  4. Oldtimer

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    There is really nothing to gain by using a synthetic oil in your EFI engine. Use the Kohler Command 10W30 oil, the Kohler oil filter and change the oil and filter every 50 hours. The synthetic will need to be changed just as often and will cost considerably more. This engine should last 4000 hours or more with proper maintenance.

    Always engage your blades at part throttle and let the engine idle before disengaging the blades. The blade brake is a part of the clutch and the less heat the clutch has to dissipate the longer it will last.

  5. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Also, stay away from hills and ponds until you get used to the controls, this week someone posted they got a new mower and were not familar with the controls and put it in a pond and sunk it
  6. Oldtimer

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    One of the most important things about break in is the first oil change. Change the oil at 5 hours and then again at 50. The Kohler Command oil may cost a bit more but it's worth the price.

    The EFI engine is your best choice of all the higher HP engines. It will diagnose itself if there is a problem. You will be shocked at how little fuel the engine uses. It will really save money. We were a Beta site for the EFI software and service all of them in our area. When we have an issue with EFI it is easily diagnosed by plugging it into one of our laptops and find out everything about the engine in seconds.

    There have been problems with the installation of this engine because it needs very good grounds. The mower manufacturers quickly learned how to provide better grounding and the problems ceased to exist.
  7. DEEJ

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    I have the Exmark Lazer with the Kohler 28hp EFI. It was one amazing engine in my opinion. It provides very smooth power with incredible response when you get into heavy cutting. I don't notice a droop in power like I did with a carburetor and governor setup.

    This engine uses a fraction of the fuel that my 18HP carbureted Kohler used to power my 60" Ransomes Bobcat (which I always thought was working pretty hard). The 28 EFI sips fuel.

    Kohler engines require a 10W30 multigrade oil for the hydraulic lifters. I personally don't use synthetic oil. I see no benefit. Kohler doesn't endorse it. I change the oil and filter regularly and use a brand name oil (Valvoline). The engine operates in such a dusty environment that the oil should be changed more often than not. Dirt and contaminants are the problem, not dyno vs synthetic oil. I see no reason to use a synthetic that costs considerably more. It will not increase the oil change interval. In the "Myths" section of the Mobil 1 site they used to say that one MYTH about synthetic was oil change intervals were longer. They said that this was absolutely not true. They said you must still follow the standard oil change intervals recommended by the engine manufacturer. Now that Mobil 1 have started selling long life synthetics (at more $$$$), they have removed this statement from the myths section. Being anal about making sure oil changes get done, I have never had an oil related failure in any of my equipment or vehicles. The most important thing is to change the oil AND filter regularly. As someone else pointed out, the very first oil change at 5 hours is very important. I did one at 5 and another one 10 later.

    You will love the 28EFI!!!


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