Purchased new home with Zoysia front yard... (pictures)

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dcnc, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. dcnc

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    Hey all,

    I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm obviously not a pro, but I'd like to learn how to take care of my new yard. I don't think the previous owners did a very good job with weed prevention, so now I am dealing with a monstrous Poa annua infestation in my zoysia. Some parts of the yard look OK (95% zoysia), but most of the lawn is 20-80% Poa annua and weeds. I bought the house in December when the lawn was dormant, and six months later... I feel like I've already lost the war. :cry:

    Only the front yard is "zoysia", about 1500 sqft. I don't know what variety of zoysia it is.... best I can guess is Empire (blades are fairly wide, but not stiff).

    In one of the pictures, I showed a section of the yard that I weeded by hand, vs a section still with Poa annua and weeds. The zoysia is STILL THERE, but it is very sparse, and looks to be choked by the Poa annua.

    1. Its April 23. What can I still do this year to improve things?
    2. There is a healthy maple in the front yard, providing shade to many of the "bad areas". Could this be contributing to the sparse zoysia?
    3. I have a spreader, and I could buy a sprayer. I just don't know what chemicals to put down (brands, where to buy, etc), and when to do it.

    In the pictures, I've circled the zoysia with green, the poa with red, and unknown weeds in yellow.

    Thanks everyone!!





  2. cgaengineer

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    That POA will be dead soon so dont do anything right now. DaveK will be on shortly to give you some zoysia info. But I will tell you that your lawn is just now coming out of dormancy and once it starts growing it should choke out any weeds you may have. An application of Pre-M will prevent that POA from germinating next winter so you may consider that.

    That POA is not that bad, I have seen much worse.
  3. dcnc

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    Really???!?! Wow... I've got some Weed-B-Gone ready to spray, but you say I don't even need it?

    My impressions of Zoysia (from what I've read), is that it is generally slow-growing and won't tolerate heavy shade. If I could wave the magic wand today and the Poa was dead and removed, believe me, the vast majority of the yard would look like the section I weeded by hand (see picture). It would be 90% dirt and 10% sparse zoysia. Are you saying that in one season that zoysia will fill in that huge amount of area? That would be incredible. :clapping:

    I have heard that the Poa will die when the hot weather arrives. What should I do with it then? I mean, right now I can go out and pull up Poa plants that are the width of a dinner plate. Excavate all the dead plants? Leave them to rot?

    Where can I buy the Pre-M (Lesco?)? Any ideas what quantity I'd need for 1500 sqft?

  4. cgaengineer

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    Weed B Gone won't kill POA anyway so if that's what you are trying to achieve then its a waste of chemicals. Zoysia is slow growing but with the right fert, sun and water it should fill in the areas where the POA is...what you are not seeing is the zoysia roots are in the ground below the POA plant...its just being shaded right now.

    Give it some time...at least until the end of June.
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  5. dcnc

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    Hmm.... zoysia roots. I did notice during the weeding that it is difficult to even pull up the small amount of Zoysia that IS there... those roots are STRONG. I guess that is what people mean when they say "zoysia is for life". ;)

    The Weed-B-Gone wasn't for the POA, it was for all the other weeds that have popped up.. there is some crabgrass, clover, other misc stuff I can't identify. Is that a waste of time?

    Any ideas what to do with the dead Poa, once July comes? Pull it all up and trash it?

    Something else I forgot to mention... it looks like my Zoysia is developing flowers (called racemes, I've read). Is that normal, or just another sign that I'm doing something wrong?

    Many thanks! This discussion is very educational.
  6. cgaengineer

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    You won't have to do anything with the poa...it will decompose.

    I know you are anxious to do something to your lawn, but just give it another month before you hit it with chemicals.

    I have never heard of zoysia flowers, but that tells me it needs to be cut.
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  7. dcnc

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    OK, so I called off the TruGreen people. I'll let the Poa do its thing. But what about the other issues?...

    1. Fertilizer for the zoysia? What kind, and when?
    2. Weed killer application for the other weeds I mentioned?

    I just don't want to miss any more important treatments. :confused:
  8. cdb19279

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    I was doing a little research on the NC State Turf files website http://www.turffiles.ncsu.edu/ (great site by the way) and saw where Barracade 65 WD was a great option as a pre for Poa (Annual Blue grass). Does anyone have experience with using it and where can I purchase? :usflag:
  9. benjammin

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    Go to the closest Ag Ext Office and get a soil sample box, follow the instructions and send off a soil sample. My Empire Zoysia just started to green up here in Wilmingoton a week or two ago. NC Ag Turfiles say to fert 3 weeks after greenup. You likely won't get your soil sample results in that time frame but they (Ag Ext) are going to tell you 1 pound N per 1,000 square feet, it's the other nutrients that will vary. So, you could fert with just 1/2 pound nitrogen in the next week or two and then 1/2 pound with whatever else your soil test says.
  10. benjammin

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    I see some dollar weed in there too. I used "Image" last year with good results. I'd wait a few more weeks for any chemicals.

    And if your Z is going from seed head to flower, cut it! You don't want the grass to waste energy on seed and flower. This time of year I cut mine as soon as I see the seed heads, long before the blades need cut. That keeps more "energy" in the roots in blades.

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