Purchased new home with Zoysia front yard... (pictures)

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dcnc, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Looks like Spittlebugs and worm casings to me too.
    I use Bifenthrin for spittle bug control and works for grubs too.
    Spittle bugs are a b_tch though. You need to do a granular treatment and spray, and then likely spray again in two weeks and maybe again two weeks later. Spray early or late while they are hopefully settled in [and feeding on your grass ;-)].

    Ortho Max is retail/box store Bifenthrin.
  2. dcnc

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    Hey everybody, I'm back with more oh-so-fascinating photos. :)

    So, an update.... its the middle of July, hot as Hades, and I'm happy to report that the Zoysia is, for the most part, in great shape and growing well. I bought a core plugger/aerator and loosened up some of the compacted areas, fertilized a couple times, applied some fungicide, pulled weeds by the hundreds, and I water a couple times a week (otherwise some turf gets drought stress).

    All in all I am pleased. The areas that get full sun are magnificent and lush, like astroturf. I found out that my zoysia is "Compadre", which I think is OK. The areas that get a lot of shade look pretty pathetic... but no sun = no zoysia, it seems. I'm mowing the grass at 2" now, since it seems to do better in the heat, and thus requires less water.

    But.... I've got a few patches of strange-looking zoysia, in among the otherwise healthy turf. The blades look withered, a tad bit yellow, and seem to be more "stem-like" since the blades are curling inwards on one side. It definitely does not seem like a drought response, since these strange patches have been growing slowly larger for a couple months. I figured they would go away, but they are getting bigger.

    Many thanks to all of you for your help.




  3. benjammin

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    Do you think you have eradicated the spittle bugs? May still have spittle bug damage growing out or still have ongoing damage. It does look odd the way only one side of the blade appears effected though.
  4. dcnc

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    Hmm... well, I never did anything specific to "treat" the spittlebugs, but I can say since it has been in the mid-90s for about a month, I haven't seen a single ball of spittlebug "foam" ANYWHERE recently. I did put down the GrubEx about 5 weeks ago, however. You have a good point, but none of these spots have anything going on (visibly) but weird-looking zoysia.

    There is very little going on within my zoysia that I don't notice. I'm literally the guy who crawls around the yard on my knees, pulling weeds by hand for several hours per week. I know there is still rust here and there on some of the blades. I know the shaded areas of the lawn seem fairly unhealthy and wispy. Other than that, things are good..... except for these weird patches.
  5. dcnc

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    OK... so you're right. ;) I saw the eyes of the enemy this morning.... and they were bright red. Stupid spittlebugs.

    [..wipes egg from face..]

    Bifenthrin spray has been applied to the obvious patches. I'll put down granules in a couple days. I probably sprayed a dozen spots this morning, but I only saw this one bug.

    Also put some of this down to control some violet/onion outbreaks.

  6. benjammin

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    arrrrrr....pesky little phuckers aren't they! NC Ag recommends liquid and granular apps, repeat
    After control is obtained, the area should be periodically rechecked Reinfestation can occur quickly since the two-lined spittlebug has at least two generations per year in this state.

    The best time to check for nymphs and to apply pesticides to turfgrasses is late in the day because the nymphs are higher on the plants than during the hot midday.

    Numerous insecticides are labeled to control spittlebugs on turf and if properly applied, most perform well. Good coverage is essential. Granular formulations are not as effective as spray formulations.

    But my licensed chemical ap friend swears granular apps provide adequate re-investation control for a longer period. I did one liquid and then granular a week or so later (back in late May) and have yet to see any more damage but still notice a few.
  7. benjammin

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    I've been noticing an increase in spittle bugs and spittle spit, getting another ap tomorrow.

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