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    Just getting started. I will be purchasing a new 36" walk behind lawnmower in the next couple of days. I understand that EXMARK is owned by Toro. Should I spend the extra money on the EXMARK or just purchase the Toro. We are talking 36" EXMARK Metro. :usflag:
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    I bought an ExMark Metro last season and it has been great for my situation so far. If you have the money, I would opt out for the Hydro, but if not, the Metro is simple to use. The reverse drive assist on it does help, but not like the hydro real reverse. It cuts great and the maintenance is real easy to do. I would demo each at your dealer and you decide, I believe I paid about $2,500 for mine last year. Good Luck
  3. DodgeTruckMan731

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    The Toro TurboForce is a great mower, its built like a tank.:usflag:
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    Test drive a T-bar before you buy, easy as pie to steer and has a great reverse. Literally a tank. Mine has nearly 3,000 hrs on it. I've heard the Toros have larger beefier spindles, I don't know if its true but I've never had a problem with mine and I run doubles about 3 months/year.
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    why are you running doubles? I personally am not a fan of the t-bar..bought one of the models in the first year they introuduced them and the welds kept snapping, plus my guys could not drive it straight to save their lives..lol..also, that model (52"hydro) had the recycler deck on it..what a piece of **** THAT was! I have favored the exmark machines for their deeper decks/higher airflow for straight mulching all season until leaf pickup and found them capable of a clean cut on one pass with only a need for a second in sever long/wet situations where they cluped out the right side. One pass clean:::key to profitability in production mowers.
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    Which dealer is in your area? Who out of those dealers has a better parts department and service department? Both are good machines. The Toro T-Bar is easy to drive and the Exmark ECS is also simple.

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