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Purchasing 42" MFT - Kohler or Honda Power???


LawnSite Member
Indianapolis, IN
Now that I've decided on the MFT, I need to determine what engine to equip it with. I'm getting the 42" MFT. 16hp Honda powered MFT is $500 more than the Kohler Courage. I read the Honda is built like a comercial engine? I'm using this strictly for residential about 1 acre.

Are these engines rated by hours? If so, what is each rated at?

I didn't see any difference in warranty.

I'm having a hard time finding good reason to spend the additional $500 for the Honda, but a lower price is only sweet once. Why should I buy the Honda?

PJ, I'd like to hear your thoughts.



LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
The Honda IS a commercial engine, the Kohler is NOT.
If the 500 isn't going to break the bank I would certainly go with the Honda.
I am not sure if they have hour ratings, if they do it is a rating based on emissions regulations and I wouldnt put a lot of faith into the hours listed, I would think the usable hours would be higher than rated.



LawnSite Member
Indianapolis, IN
Thanks for the response. I needed to make a decision so I went with the Kohler. Only mowing 40 min per week 35 times a year should give me many years. I figured by the time the Kohler wears out I'll want a newer updated Hustler anyway.

Brought a MFT 42" Kohler w/mulch & blowout kit. Will be delivered on Saturday.