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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Please_Be_Green, Mar 6, 2009.

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    More for sh!t's and giggles than anything else, as I don't think I could support my family and our current lifestyle by cutt'n and sling'n fert, but the thought has crossed my mind over the years... who knows maybe I'm underestimating...

    I'm just wondering how much one needs to purchase to get a considerable discount on bagged fert and such and how does a distrubutor normally calculate "Dicount Rates". i.e. Tiered based on quantity and sales volume?

    OK, so let's just pretend that I had 50 Full Service residential properties, avg 15k. 5 applicaton's per year contracts.

    i.e. - My homeowner retail price of Dimension .10 - 0-0-7 is $23.99/50#bg.

    How much of this product would I need to purchase to save a substantial amount? What is a substantial amount? Is it realistic to say that a bulk purchase of this product could be $12 or less / bag? The more I purchase, the more of a discount? Then of course, I'd ask the question what's the shelf life of bagged fert.

  2. Perfect Image TLM

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    Personally, I can get something with deminsion alot cheaper, you need to lool at some other suppliers. And usually if you buy in bulk it is a little cheaper but not near what your thinking. I went to a local supplier yesterday and got a quote for $17.23 per bag of 16-0-6 with deminsion.
  3. bohiaa

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    U guys are wayyy off.

    depending on what your wanting, and 50 lawns in not cosidered bulk. I can understand why you wouldn't get a discount.

    we can purchase by the ton, however a ton is NOT very much. again depending on what you want.

    however get ready for the CIA, and or FBI to check you out.
    getting 1 ton of 13-13-13 for 125.00
  4. Jason Rose

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    Ditto, buying in "bulk" would mean buying in Truck load (semi) quantities, and having it delievered straight from the processor/packaging plant to your warehouse. Yes, there's a lot of people that do this.

    Yes, a pallet (ton) of product is far from "bulk" Though once in a while you will find suppliers that do charge more for a single bag than if you buy an unbroken pallet full. Simply easier for them to manage full skids and they penalize those that only need a couple bags at a time. Only talking maybe a dollar on a bag here though.
  5. Please_Be_Green

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    Thanks... so you've got to be purchasing some serious amounts for serious discounts....
  6. Mike's LawnCare Landscape

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    We always buy it in bulk but never in bags (well one big bag LOL) Then I put them in Buckets. Then What we don't use we put it one our fields !!
  7. Perfect Image TLM

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    No, I am not "wayyy" off.
  8. bohiaa

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    yes my friend you are WAYYYY offf...

    connect your spreader to your tractor, drive it up to the supply house, purchase 1.5 tons, go spread it, come back do it again,

    when you have done this for a 10 to 14 days. you will then know you have spread fert.

    5000 acers takes a little fert,

    however that's only 1 customer.

    I think I purchased fert in a bag when I was 12 not sure cant remember that long ago
  9. Perfect Image TLM

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    I understand you must spread alot of fert, that's great. I have never purchased fert in that fashion so I cannot comment on that. I was just trying to give him an idea of what to expect with the amount of customers he is stating.
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