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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by jfoxtrot9, Aug 18, 2009.

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    I am sooo close to purchasing a Lawn Solutions aerator. I am a little reluctant, I must admit, which is why I am creating this post. I am seeking advice from any of you that can give it. Particularly those who own a LS machine or know much about it.

    It certainly seems to be a versatile and much easier machine to use vs. traditional aerators. I have been in business for 12 years now and have always just rented a machine 3 or 4 days a year, dreaded the day, and just got my butt kicked all day. (great money, but worked hard for it!) I know most of you know exactly what I mean. :hammerhead: I so don’t look forward to aerating this year!!:cry:

    Seeing the video for the LS machine has almost single handedly sold it for me. BUT, looking closer at this machine, I am a bit skeptical, if it is really a commercial machine. It seems the engine and tranny are consumer grade. (and the warranty offered to prove it as well, 1 year, compared to the other aerators. Ryan and Turfco, 2 years commercial waranty) It is powered by a Briggs “Pro”. Every other commercial aerator is powered by Honda. If your going to pick Briggs, I am thinking at least go Vanguard, eh? This all makes me wonder if the +$3000. price tag may be a little steep.

    On the other hand, those “other aerators”, well, I‘ve already talked about the needing of spine re-alignment and shoulder replacement surgery after a day of using one of those. ..

    If any of you have a LS machine or otherwise have any knowledge or pointers, I would surely appreciate it. Good or bad either way. It is a lot of cash to shell out in my book. I just want to be more confident when I make my decision, whatever it may be.


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    Go ahead and get one...they are built like no other aertor. And anyone who has one will agree. If it isn't hands down the best aerator you have ever used, I'll buy it back. If it isn't hands down the best built aerator you have ever used, I'll buy it back.....

    It sounds like you have been talking with one specific OEM because you are saying the same thing I have heard them say over and over. I have even had customers who purchased our aerator forward emails directly from them saying the same thing.

    Why would they say the engine and transmission is consumer grade.....despiration!!! We have most likely sold more aerators our 1st year making aerators than any other OEM. Of course people are going to say anything they can to slow us down.

    As you can tell, we have refrained from doing any direct compairisons to any specific product. We simply show how our products perform and let you descide.

    About your concerns:

    The transmission is made by Hydro-Gear who makes the majority of the hydrauilc drive systems for the commmercial mowers in the industry. The same transmission as used in the T-3000. We have been using them for 3 years, built over 1,800 units, supply them to all the top national lawn care companies, and amazingly ZERO failures or issues.

    The Briggs Eng is used because we use a vertical shaft engine on our aerators otherwise we would use the Subaru Eng like on our seeders. When I designed the aerator we tested the Kawasaki, Honda, & Briggs Engines. The Kawasaki has EPA issues and was not available, the Honda 190cc engine is having vibration and fuel tank chaffing issues (enough said). We looked at the Honda GXV160 which only puts out 3,000 rpms, add $250 cost to the aerator, delivers 20% less power than the Briggs Pro, and itsn't as quiet or smooth. If you want a Honda, I have some sitting at our shop because when people run them side by side they pick the new Briggs Pro Eng.

    The Briggs Pro is a brand new design starting Jan 2009. Lets just say, all of our customers who have purchased them have been very, very impressed.

    When I set out to design a better aerator, we put everything I could think of into the aerator.... And I know a little about designing equipment. My back ground; degree in Mechanical Engineer from West Point (United States Military Academy) and then 7 year doing new product design and advanced development work for GE (General Electric). I have also led design groups to develope a solar power vehicle capable of running 65 mph on an 8hp electric motor that ran 1,200 miles from Indianapolis to Denver only on solar power.

    Do you mind letting everyone know who put these "doubts" in your head?

  3. LawnSolutionsCP

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    Another reason for the engine selection is we can do hills up, down, or across up to 30-40 degrees without stalling the engine like on all other aerators. Kind of a nice idea.

    Sorry for the rant, but I can't stand slander especially when we supply the majority of the turf industry with their seeders and aerators to include endorsement from the national top golf courses who use our products.

    For example, the PGA's Valhalla Golf Club who held the Ryder Cub in 2008 uses our aerators and seeders and endorses them as the best they have ever used. They use our products specifically around the steep greens where they can't get any other machine to perform on slopes exceeding 35 degrees.
  4. turfcobob

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    Maybe the same transmission Mfg. but not the same transaxle as the T3000
  5. LawnSolutionsCP

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    I thought they both use the "LT" series transaxle form Hydro-Gear. Different part numbers but same basic transmission. Same internal parts. Might want to double check.

    The unit is also rated for 1,500 hours an a machine that weights 620 lbs on the axle with 18 tires.

    On a ride on spreader that is used daily, that would be about 1 year. Of course this in conservative.

    On a seeder or aerator, that only weights 200-300 lbs, uses 11" tires, and then only used 3 months out of the year. The rated life would be about 8-10 years. Actually, it was not able to be estimated because the transmission is designed for a much larger product than a seeder or aerator.
  6. Az Gardener

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    Do you have a dealer here in Phx?
  7. LawnSolutionsCP

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    No dealer, but we have shipped multiple units (seeders and aerators) there in the last few weeks.

    If you want, I can contact one of them on your behalf and see if they will let you take a look at one or the other. One like his aerator so much he call to let me know and said to go ahead and send him a seeder as well. I'm sure he would be glad to show them off. Of course, I need to contact him first to get permission to give you his information.

    Let me know if your intersted.

  8. jfoxtrot9

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    If this confident, (and I do appreciate the confidence), why only the 1 year warranty vs. the other commercial units?

    I want this machine! I am only being cautious with my hard earned money.

    No one has slandered LS to me. As a matter of fact I have spoke to no other companies. Just doing a little homework. Like I stated, this is alot of cash to put out for a machine I use only a few months a year.

    Anyone else have any comments. I really expected to hear more.

    The silence... It's frightening.
  9. mdlwn1

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    NOTHING works like a Ryan lawnair 28......even Lawn solutions know this...LOL at this whole thread.
  10. jfoxtrot9

    jfoxtrot9 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Your LOL, but please, speak your mind. Have you seen the maneuverability in the LS video? How does this compare with the Lawnair 28? Do you have this model?

    I appreciate your input. Thanks!

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