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does anyone have any experience with purple leaf plums? I want to plant it in an area where it is somtimes wet a lot, will it die or will it do okay?


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Triangle, NC
Cork screw willow. They love the wet soil here. My brother has had great success with the ones he uses in his yard for the wet areas. Just a suggestion. On the plus side, they are very easy to propagate on your own. Just cut a peice off and plant it. They grow very well. Maybe you grow a few a sell them.

Hurricane Lawn

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Purple leaf plums are extremely succeptible to boring insects, at least here on the Gulf Coast. You may have better luck in Jersey, but they don't seem to last very long here.

Dreams To Designs

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Purple leaf plums are a temporary purple tree that will not do well in wet soil or standing water. They have serious pest and disease issues as well as weak branching, and everybody in NJ loves them. Whenever I am brought to a jobsite that has purple leaf plums, I explain to the client the faults and temporary nature of this plant and try to have it removed immediately, because it's going to be dead soon anyway. Most here will live around 15 years before they meet the chainsaw.