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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DBLC, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. DBLC

    DBLC LawnSite Member
    from AR
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    I am interrested in a push leaf blower. What kind do you suggest? How much will I spend? ALSO, has any one ever made a push plow? Instead of on a walk behing just with small wheel to push? THANKS!!
  2. Little Wonder, except no others. $800

    Jrco make a plow for leaves. $400
  3. baddboygeorge

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    i recommend the little wonder or the fradan brands blowers both are great i have the 5 an 8 hp little wonders an they work very well an service has always been quick if they need it. on leaf plows i have always made mine with lite angle iron an expanded metal i have also used plywood just use your imagination an keep it lite they really work well an moves leaf piles quickly . any more help feel free to contact me anytime thanks george
  4. lawncare3

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    you can get them for $300- w/o shipping.
  5. dlandscaping

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    Does that include the $125 mounting hardware (metal bar across castors?

    I paid $732 for my 10hsp billygoat qb1004 last fall. I like it works well has power. I just saw a little wonder 13hsp honda for $1300 it looked like it would blow my bg away.
  6. McKeeLand

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    I think DBLC is talking about a leaf plow that you push, not the WB. Good old man power. I've never seen one and frankly if you got a WB why not use that. I've never ran into a situation where the WB wouldn't work.
    And just to add, the little wonder is the only way to go. just picked up a new 8hp and it plows my old 10hp away.
  7. gogetter

    gogetter Banned
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    I just bought a 10hp Little Wonder for about $850. Really moves them leaves! Great for clearing backyards and any large areas fast.
    The downside is when you get to the front yard. You can only go so far with it, because then you'll start blwoing them into the street. At that point would be a good time to use a leaf plow (I don't have one, but am thinking about for next year). Then you can put them right where you want them and not worry about overblowing them.

    If you go to this page:


    somehwere on there is a page with pics and details of a home made leaf plow mounted on a WB mower.

    I don't think a manual leaf plow will be very effective. A big pile of leaves has alot of weight. I don't think you'll get too far that way.
  8. What is a sanpper and does it fit it?
  9. GroundKprs

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    ".......10hp Little Wonder.....downside.....start blowing them into the street."

    Same machine, great improvement over backpacks and smaller wheel blowers. When you get near the street, just throttle down and move close up on the pile, then just move pile all together to the curb; just a little goes into street - blow that back to curb with machine at lowest throttle. Full or near full throttle will blow leaves over the top, and send them about 25 ft. If you can blow so the pile rolls, you don't get that spread. Just need to pace it properly so you don't break through the pile and start blowing long distance. Sometimes requires playing with throttle some.
  10. DBLC

    DBLC LawnSite Member
    from AR
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    thanks for the replies! I dont want to mount a leaf plow on my walkbehind because I dont want to have to tie up trailer space. I am wanting to make some light to push SHORT distances! I am looking for a little wonder dealer now. I guess that must be the one to get! THANKS AGAIN!!

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