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push mower


LawnSite Member
I am contemplating starting a landscaping business. I know I will need a mower, weed wacker, leaf blower and edger. Not sure if I want to start out with a 32" or 36" due to price. Are there push mowers or or self prpelled mowers that are considered commercial. Can anyone recommend some? Also can you recommend any brands from the equipment I have mentioned above?


LawnSite Gold Member
Long Island, NY
Forget the edger a line trimmer will do both and use the money saved to buy a back pack blower instead of less powerful hand held so you will be better prepared to handle clean ups.

You maybe young and tough but after mowing 8 hours a day your legs will thank you if you get a self propelled.

Also time is money so I would go for the largest mower that will fit the market you are going after. Also there is the matter of gates. Seems a 34" will fit most 3' gates.

Thing is if you mow only one lawn with a small gate out of ten you may be better off with a 48" and do the back with a 21" SP. Can you afford two mowers? 21" can be a back up if the big one goes down.

The question is at what point will having too many yards with small gates will it not pay to use a 48" on the fronts and the 21" in the backs.

For me it was worth it to have a 42" because very little 20" work was done. And keep in mind most fence Co's are installing 4' or 5' gates now on new installs.

This summer I did one lawn that I had to use a 20" pusher because for 75% of the property because my 42" was too big. Did not get another customer because her back yard was larger then the whole first property because she would not put on a bigger gate or pay for the extra time doing it with 20".