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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RM n WS, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. RM n WS

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    I used a toro super recycler for about 2 years for very small areas. The cost was about $400.00 and I thought it was a decent mower. I truly don't have anything better to compare it to. Are the Honda commercials that much better and if so, how?
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    The Toro super recycler is a well built homeowner model with personal pace drive system. The Proline commercial models Toro offers are great mowers and will last a very long time with minimal if any down time but your going to pay around $1200 for one. If you like the personal pace drive system on the super recycler you may want to stop in a try out the commercial 21" since the drive system is not the same. Honda makes a very good commercial 21" that has a hydro drive system and is also heavier than the Toro. I have owned both mowers over the years but now only use Toro.
  3. Landrus2

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    Have you tried lawn boy:drinkup:

  4. lawnpro724

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    Looks cheap and flimsy compared to the Toro commercial 21"
  5. Roger

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    I have both a 21" LB (like the pic), and a Toro 21" ProLine, with 5.5hp Sizuki.

    Your observations are correct -- flimsy on the LB, with several defects with regard to the equipment (e.g. ground drive cables, drive wheels, height adjusters). The LB equipment is clearly a step below the Toro quality.

    Having said that, the Toro is the one that sits at home. Why? It is about 115#, compared to 85# for the LB, big weight difference. This is very important for us, the terrain and how we work. The quality of cut on the LB is far superior to the cut of the Toro -- we know since we have worked them side by side. The side bagger on the LB is much, much better than the Toro. This is the primary reason I bought the LB. The Toro was in daily service during Spring cutting, and we just got fed up with the bagging function on the Toro. When the clipping count is high, the Toro is a real challenge to make work, whereas the LB with the side bagger (note, I did not say the rear bagger -- big difference) works well. The bag on the Toro is larger, but it will not fill very well during tough bagging, IF the clippings will get through the chute from the deck.

    Also, the DuraForce engine on the LB has been a great source of frustration, whereas the Sizuki is a very good engine.

    I am really conflicted. The Toro is such a great piece of equipment, but is so mediocre as a mower. The LB is such a lousy piece of equipment, but does such a great job mowing, and does such a great job at bagging.

    Bear in mind that the months of April, May, and most of June, our turf conditions mean heavy weekly growth, and the clippings are very sappy (high water content), making them easily turn to mush. Taking out the kicker plates on the Toro, and changing the blade to a high-lift blade, is of some help, but a small help relative to the ease of LB bagging.
  6. mowwmann

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    ...as we say around here...we can put a man on the moon...but no one can make a good, let alone, great push mower. We have come to the conclusion that the manufactures want them to be junk so we have to buy new ones every 6 months. We do a lot of push mowing for estate owners that dont want larger mowers on them, and as a poster mentioned above, the cut and weight are the most important factors to us. That is why we use Lawnboy. We use the cheap self pace, and plan on throwing them out when they fall apart(we had a pile of them this fall and made for good fun when we had the bobcat out, the trax tore them apart.
    The weight and cut are great. Someday they may get it right, but the bottom line is all that matters.
  7. saw man

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    I am not sure why everyone complains about the weight! Yes the comm. units are heavier, but they are built much better!

    As for them only being made to last 6 months, thats BS!!

    I was in the LCO business and we used the Hondas. The lots that we had were VERY small but the mowers were run constantly. One of our accounts was a 127 home community that myself and one other guy could do in 1 day to 1 1/2 days. The mowers had to be driven over rocks to get to a small patch of grass on almost every yard. These machine were run for hours with hardly any stopping except for gas and short times when we had other work on the lot. How many can say they actually run their mowers for 6-9 hours a day in 100 - 120 degree heat every week?

    We knew how to take care of the mowers, which was a plus. But if a couple guys can walk around in 100+ degree heat with a 130lb. mower for a day then the small amount you have should not be a problem!

    I still have one of those mowers that I use for my own lawn once a week and I have no problem, and I spend an hour each week to mow my current lawn.

    Dont bother with the Personal Pace, it will only cause you problems later. Buy a nice commercial unit and you will be money ahead in the long run. That is saying you will be using it enough, if it is once a week for an hour then get then high end homeowner unit.

    Good luck!
  8. Roger

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    I don't think "everyone" complains about the weight of hand mowers. But, some of us do comment on the matter often.

    The LB in the pic is a commercial mower. Your statement implies that since it is lighter, then it must not be commercial quality. Having said that, I think (as per my above post) that some aspects of the equipment are not commercial quality.

    Your question about raising the question is a common one. Your profile does not include your age, so maybe my "young age" assumption is wrong. But, when you reach mid-60s, and have some areas of difficult terrain in the properties you mow, and use the machine for 30+ hours per week, then return here and discuss the merits of more or less weight. At that time, all those with the "what is the big deal" comments may have a different perspective. I will wait to read those posts.
  9. Beau Rivage

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    I've got a 91 model lawn boy that'll still cut a hay field down w/out bogging. It's got the 4.0 commercial two stroke, and it'll be a sad day when (and if) it dies. The electric start took a crap but it cranks on the first pull anyway so...? I don't really care for the offset wheel thingy, but damn that thing cuts great.
  10. bohiaa

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    As far as Push mowers I get the Craftsman 22"

    there 300.00 and last about 5 seasons,

    People can say what they want, But it all depends on how much you use it and treat it.

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