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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Mark B, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Mark B

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    Hey guys I need some opinions on my brain fart I had about a month ago. I have an irrigation service, landscape lighiting business now. I now of a guy who ONLY uses a push mower and a small walkbehind mower. Is there anyone that does this and would like to give any input on it. I would like to start doing that this coming spring. We have some high end areas here in my area. I'm only want 10-15 accounts.
  2. PaulJ

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    Until this fall my BIG mower was a 36" walkbehind. I have a 48" Hustler super WB now, and a 21" I only use the 21" about one day a week. The 48" goes almost anywhere on the lawns I do. From 3000 to 30000 sgft.
  3. Mark B

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    Well I'm thinking about my biggest mower being would be a 36" WB and a 21" push mower. I think in mya area there is market for this kind of service.
  4. MacLawnCo

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    Make the 36 a Wright Stander...you have no idea how productive they are.
  5. tiedeman

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    The possible reason that he uses the smaller mowers is because it cuts down on his expenses of buying the larger equipment and then maintaining it.
  6. PaulJ

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    What sizes of properties are you htinking of servicieng? Before I got the hustler, I used the 36 on everthing from the 3000 sqft up to a couople over 20000sqft with a sulky. I will encourage you to go hydo if you can afford it. I was wishing for a hydro everyday I used the belt drive.
  7. I took over a mowing business two years age, 6 accounts, @ 60,000 sg ft, man cut, trim, blow off walks, driveways, and docks, all mowed with a 21 in self propelled, bagged evey time, took him 5 to 6 hrs, net 400.00 per week, and he cut all of them each week

    I use troybilt 33", mulch only, now have 9 accts mowed weekly, @ 80,000, takes 6 hrs, net 525.00 per week

    also do all fert and pest applications, mulch, prunning, irrigation services, occasional landscaping ( small)
    @$25,000 , 35 weeks, ans I budget 2 days per week

    these are flat lawns except one, then I wish I had a hydro, but would be better off finding another flat one, drop hilly one
    Bought troybuilt slightly used and cheap, or otherwise would have purchase a commercial belt drive

    Again, my main focus is fert, pest applications, overseeding, and install new turf; NOT MOWING!

    hope this helps

  8. Mark B

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    I will plan to do small residential , and SMALL comm lawns.
  9. jaybird

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    i started out mowing a 600 acre dairy with a push mower in tampa florida around 1967 the cows grazed on some of it and there were barns and different out buildings and so forth but i still mowed a bunch of it
  10. BSDeality

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    i believe the member on here "Jimlewis" uses only 21" mowers in his business. he has very insightful posts, so i imagine his business is very lucrative as well.

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