Push Spreaders that spread compost too

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Daner, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Daner

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  2. mrkosar

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    looks like a lot of filling up if you plan on putting compost on a lawn with that. the best i've seen for small residential lawns seems to be the bull spreaders. haven't used or heard too much on them though.
  3. Daner

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    Yes I hear yaa there...Its mainly for the easy flow compost...its like pellets.
    Comes in 20kg bags

    I have never used it but i hear the pellets expand when the water hits them and breaks down.
  4. Turfco Tim

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    How big of an area do you plan to maintain? If you are doing spot applications the hopper size may be fine. However, gravity feed systems don't work well with material that has moisture in it. The material packs in the bottom and a cavity forms so no material comes out.
    While the price on spreaders like this sound attractive and may be advertised as multi-use they were originally designed to spread dry fertilizer. It's like a sofa-sleeper, they are okay as a sofa and look like a bed but try sleeping in one overnight.

    Best of luck.

    Tim Gray
    Turfco Mfg.
  5. Daner

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    I know what you guys are telling me...But ...thats for the reg. bulk compost that we all are accustom to...I do believe when they say...that this machine spreads compost,They are referring to the pellet style that you buy In the bag. I can spread 35 yards by myself in very little time with my large setup...But thats only good for large areas.
    I have never used the pellet style compost that comes in a bag...maybe someone can add to this on how the pellet compost works...and what they used to spread It with.
  6. mrkosar

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    What is the product called? I would like to try some out.
  7. Daner

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  8. HayBay

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    We spread it out of a Permagreen or Lesco High Wheel. Setting to full open and you have to go over your lawn several times to get desired lb/1000.
  9. RigglePLC

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    You might try one of those spreaders that is designed to also spread rock salt. They usually have one big hole instead of 3 small holes.
  10. greenjeans_il

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    That's pretty much what Daner posted the link to up top. It converts from a BIG hole to smaller holes judging from the description.

    For small scale areas wouldn't one of the expanded metal, drum style spreaders work? And then for large areas I'd say a conveyored topdresser though I've never seen one used for compost.

    That dried compost pellets just looks like organic matter to me. I wouldn't go so far as to call it compost. Do they offer any test results on that stuff?


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