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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by BarrFarms, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. BarrFarms

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    I am now certified to apply pesticides in the state of AR, and was wondering? What is the best push spreader out there under $350. I am really close to purchasing a lesco roto/drop at $310, what is the good and bad of this spreader? I also had a question on a drive unit. The electic drive unit at seedland.com and the earthway power pack are both sold out. What is the good and bad of those, as well as a price if anyone knows?

    Thank yall,
  2. grassman177

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    dont go cheap. drop spreaders are not good for professioanl apps. rotory spreaders only here. lesco is good, we use them, scotts is good and we use them, several here will say spyker and they are good too. i think they may even be cheaper, i know not.
  3. cod8825

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    We started off with Shindawa and they worked ok did not do well spreading evenly across left to right. Calibrate at least once a week you will thank yourself. We are going with Anderson's this year.

  4. BarrFarms

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    from Ne Ar
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    Thanks, the drop feature will mostly be used on a small area of grass between the sidewalk and street. quit common in an older areaof town and is mostly 21" uniform. Wat about a pull type for larger areas? I mow a back yard at a property that is around 12k sq ft.
  5. Grandview

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    Forget the drop feature. You will never use it. Always broadcast and blow side walks. Do no set a price limit, like 310.00. I bought two Lescos and still have one after 15 years. I ran over the other. They require very little maintenance. Spreaders must be stainless. I looked at Spykers. They felt heavy compared to Lescos. Do not need more weight pushing. I would look at an Anderson also. Many people like them. 12K is a 5 minute push with a good spreader. I would not get a pull behind unless I had a lot of lawns an acre or more.
  6. Jason Rose

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    The Lesco spreaders are great, as well as the Andersons/Scotts spreaders. Do get the deflector and 3rd hole remote kit if you get a Lesco. It will been the majority of product off of non target areas and it makes sure your edges are getting proper overlap/coverage.

    Look forward to getting more than you want to push and then getting a ride-on spreader!
  7. ted putnam

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    Look online some. You can get the Spyker 48 with border patrol and rain cover for $375. Best deal I've seen for a professional grade spreader with all the bells and whistles. JMO

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