put fliers out or call customers help?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by smarino21, Jul 10, 2006.

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    I got real slow with the landscaping ends of my business right now, i was wondering what would be better to get some postcards made and hand themout or give all my customers a call and see if there is anything i can do for them? Shrub trimming mulch ect. I need some help thanks?

    Also what about sending out postcards to all of my exsisting customers sepreate from bills and all that. That what maybe they see im a growing company i dont know?
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    call customers........hey how's the plants doing blah blah blah............i was thinking this would look nice, anything you've had in mind blah blah blah

    i would do that before fliers, or even stop by the jobs

    now for next year do what i do.............Christmas, i buy lots of Poinsettas* (i'm not even gonna really try to spell it haha, i'm tired)...........give them to al my customers

    3 things: 1) it's nice 2) it's a tax write-off 3) you're more current in thier mind for spring projects or they may have ideas to share with you then

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