Put $$$ in old truck or buy new/newer?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by WHIPPLE5.7, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. WHIPPLE5.7

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    I've got my 1997 2500 Chevy with a 5.7 in it and I've asked alot of this truck in the last 6 years. On a daily basis its towing quite a bit of wieght. I had a Cummins Dodge last year and got rid of it for another Chevy 2500 with a big block gas engine. I've looked around at newer trucks and I am amazed at the asking price on used trucks. They have 150,000 miles and still want $15-16K. The body, paint, interior is still pretty good on my 1997 but the 5.7 is getting alittle tired and I considered dumping the truck before the engine goes out. After seeing how newer trucks are I almost think maybe I should buy the performance replacement long block that puts out 450lbs tq. Its $5k for the motor and about $1,300 for a shop to change it out plus I need a custom tune and thats about $300 after the crank relearn but the truck would be pretty badass then. I just don't know if I should put almost $7k into my old truck?
  2. AndyTblc

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    Get a newer one. by replacing things, you're just polishing a turd.
  3. PTSolutions

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    we just finished up putting in some serious money into three of our trucks gettn em ready for winter.

    06 ford 89K:
    new abs module
    new alternator
    new batteries
    new tie rod end

    02 silverado HD 113K:
    new ball joints all over
    new brake lines all over
    new inner tie rod ends
    new steering stabilizer
    new abs module
    new brakes
    new passenger side axle
    had a new trans put in in Feb.
    new steering shafts
    new pitman arm
    new idler arm
    both front new wheel bearing assemblies

    98 chevy c3500 dump 90K:
    new tie rods
    new pitman arm
    new brakes
    new radiator
    new oil cooler lines
    new trans lines
    new brake lines

    we keep our trucks around for awhile, after they are paid off they just keep making us money so some upkeep expense isnt a big deal. we rotate in a new or slightly used truck every couple years or so to keep from having to replace two or more trucks in a given year.

    soon the dump will be replaced by a 550 sized truck. i think i might rebuild the trans on it and take the rusty dump bed off and put a flat deck on it and use it for a fert rig since it has an L pack on it.

    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    is it your daily driver or a work truck? i cant see why people spend 40-50K on brand new trucks for work. i can fix a hell of alot of stuff on my trucks for alot less than that.my three work trucks are currently a 1993 chevy 3500 4x4 dump, a 1994 f250 4x4 pickup with a dump insert and a 1997 F350 4x2 dump. i plow with all three. repairs average about 3500-4000 a year. that wouldnt be a payment on one of them.
  5. WHIPPLE5.7

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    I pretty much use it for work, but its not my only work truck so it gets a break once in awhile. Thats another reason i couldn't by a real new truck is because I'm the kind of guy who ends up with an occasional dent or scratch and that would drive me nuts on a new truck. On the older ones it doesn't bother you as bad.
  6. WH401

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    So why did you get rid of the Cummins? Where is and what is wrong with using the other Chevy truck that you got when you sold the Cummins?
  7. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    Brand new 1 ton work trucks are 25k....
  8. castlerockmo

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    I don't were you been pricing trucks. I was out shopping last month before I bought mine. A 3/4 ton XL long bed reg cab 4x4 with a 6.2 gas engine sticker is 32,000.

    If you can get a new one ton for 25 I would like to know were I just bought an 08 reg cab 5.4 for 22,000
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  9. Az Gardener

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    I think the high mileage on used trucks is a regional thing. I bought a 3/4 ton Dodge with the Cummins with 26-k miles for 28-K out the door and it was 2 years old and has the Laramie package. I heard there is one of the biggest Dodge dealers in the country in Idaho and that's the best place to go for the best price on a new Dodge.

    You didn't mention your trucks mileage and my experience has been Chevy's especially that vintage were crap. I have had all kinds of trucks over the past 30 years and I'm not a homer for any one. I currently have a dodge w/ Cummins, a Ford with a gas 350, A Fuso and a UD. I used to be a buy new guy until I found a lending source that will let me shop for used and finance them . My last purchase was a Fuso Diesel with a 14' dump bed with 28-K miles for $21-K out the door.

    I would look outside your region and save yourself 1,000's on a good newer used vehicle. Don't forget to calculate you fuel saving when making the decision. I heard the new ford diesels are getting ridiculous mileage.
  10. Turf Commando

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    Have more money into my old trucks, then I can re sale them for now ...
    Sometimes, it's better to outfit yourself with newer ride then try to stop the enevitable ...
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