put price on flyers or not?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jusmowin, Feb 12, 2005.

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    This is my reason for not putting prices on ads: if you put prices on there, then you are basically advertising your price, which they can then use to attract the lowballers into beating you for the job. If you leave the price off and they contact you, then you can sell your services and professional image and "oh, by the way, this is the price". While I don't hesitate to discuss price with a customer, I don't advertise it on flyers because it will generally be a little higher and therefore chase away potential customers I might have had if I get to talk to them and explain value over just price.
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    Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Profits are not made on penny pinching clients. All you'll be doing is moving money around...from clients hand to yours (breifly) then to the gas stations, repair man, etc. Charge a fair price fo both parties, but don't low ball & hurt your biz & everyone elses. Good luck
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    I put my prices on it. I think I am still going to do it this year. I am also raising my prices. But if some scrub wants to go offer a lower price let them. If they get it and the client seas how poor their work is they will call back. If they dont they do not care about there lawn.
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    And beleive me, as someone in business for many years, people can and do compare prices. We had 2 family members that were given different prices in different situations and at least a year apart. The second family member felt that she had been cheated because her mother got a better rate than she did...1 YEAR LATER. Make sure that they know their quote is theirs alone due to lot, situation, time etc.
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    just what area of michigan are you getting $50 for a 5k lot?....just curious what your location is
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    Maybe a little off question, but since you have around 25 clients not, and want to double it, maybe you can market towards the clients you have already, and try to get each one to add a neighbor or friend. This would cut down on drive time, increasing profits. Plus, it would usually get a better response since they'd be talking to the clients for you in a positive way.
    Offering maybe a free cut or 2 for each new client they refer you to.
    just an idea that may help out in addition to your flyers.
    I have noticed, and continue to notice, lots of customers will stay loyal based on not only your quality of work, but your personalism associated with your business, which I think has been our #1 selling point.
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    When I started my first LCO in 1993 I put my mowing price on all of my flyers. That first year I had 65 clients by the end of May. The second year I raised my prices. Got very few responses with the higher price on the flyer.

    The reason people responded to my ad with the price was because I was a low-baller. They told everyone they new about me because I was cheap and did outstanding work. I realized I was not making much money so I raised my prices and continued to put them on my flyers.

    Now on the flip side of that. I know a guy that just (re)started his company last JULY and put his price on his b/w flyer and ended the year with 90+ accounts. I happen to know his prices and he is average ...go figure.

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    There is anouther reason I was thinking of low balling the mowing ennd and getting lots of clients was to get the "other" work involved such as aeration and seeding, mulch and fert apps as other people have said before mowing is the primary income make and the "other" sevices are extra money.
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    I agree with that as well but if it's at all possible I believe that prices up front go a long way. It helps weeds out the cheepos. (no pun intended :p ) It also makes some potential customers think, "Hey! I can afford that!"
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    Hi Jusmowin,

    You could also write in a price per lawn as you hand them out.

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