Put your stuff in the Right of Way and lookout!

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Hank Reardon, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Hank Reardon

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    There is a highway widening project going on in the town just north of here. The GC has had us do some repairs for them. We I was asked to get the irrigation out of the way of the sidewalk. When digging it up, we found the place where two valves once resided. All that was left was a couple of pieces of nipple stock and some 14g. I need to go back and wire it up (once we find where the controller is and who has access). At least they can pour concrete. Oh, and yes there is wire mesh under the pea gravel, thank you!

    NE corner Hwy 305 & Liberty.after excavating2.JPG

    NE corner Hwy 305 & Liberty.prior to backfilling.JPG

    NE corner Hwy 305 & Liberty.valve box.JPG

    NE corner Hwy 305 & Liberty.final grading.JPG
  2. Dirty Water

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    Got bigger pictures? Its hard to see what you did there.

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    Don't fall for it hank. He is going to redline your pipe. Ya'll like plastic WM valves as well I see. I know it's not your first choice (brass valves) but you stick with WM on the plastic as well. Any reason? Just curious.
  4. Hank Reardon

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    All I had was my phone camera so that is what I got!

    As far as the valves, I use them because Mike has for years. They are on every system he installed. I stock the Silver Bullets (complete) and keep diaphragms for the 21k's. Brass would be nice...
  5. Mike Leary

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    We do use the brass 8000 series for master valves. I used W.M. because my
    mentor used them, as well as Imperial....good old reverse flow valves.
    Other than the solenoid fiasco, they've been great..rep contact has been good
    the past few years...used to be...Weather-Matic had a steak feed at I.A.!:)

    Nice work Hank/Russ! I know what a nasty, loud, hot site that is, give your
    helper Matt a pat on his pointy head too.
  6. londonrain

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    I know that the silver bullets do not hold up with the high pressure I have in my area. I have replace 8 1" silver bullets over the past 3 years on one system I maintain because of the tops cracking.
  7. Mike Leary

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    What kind of pressure? I'd be interested in where they crack..same spot....?
    bad casting?:cry: Did you give up & change-out the valves or bit.h to W.M.?
    I've never had a bonnet crack.
  8. londonrain

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    In that part of town the pressure is about 100 at the meter, the original installer was the manager of a supply house that was going to carry WM, so he installed a complete WM system. These are the only 8 WM valves I have seen other than some 2" brass WM's. WM is not a common product in my area. Out with the WM and in with a Hunter. From what I have read about the silver bullet valve it should have been a reliable valve. The first valve was about 5 years old at the time of replacement.
  9. Mike Leary

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    I wonder about hammer or freezing.
  10. Wet_Boots

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    I remember a system of Silver Bullet valves that actually 'burped' a bit of water from under one bonnet when the zones shut off. Otherwise they worked okay. I think that valve only had a 125 psi rating. They did rework the bonnet design, to add some reinforcing 'ribs' to the bonnet.

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