putting double blades on?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mr mow, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. mr mow

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    I hear some people on this site putting double blades on, how is this done? is there something that keeps the blades locked in place? i want to try this but not sure i really get how you do it. never heard of it until i came to this site. do you just stack one blade on top of another on the blade bolt or is there something that goes between the blade to lock them at 90deg. how good would it work with new blades closest to the ground and older blades(rounded ends) on top?
  2. That's pretty much it. Just bolt them on. Maybe put a big flat washer between them. It's not critical they stay in a perfect "X" formation. Though I think Dixie Chopper sells a bracket to do that.
    I run gators on the top. I can only run doubles on my WB. The big Toro's don't have enough power for double blades.

  3. mole

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    you put them like this + and tighten them down. best in spring and fall.
  4. mr mow

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    does it matter if the blades on top,closest to the engine have rounded tips? and they really stay at "+"(90) degr. as someone put it, cause if they dont i could see balance issuses or blades hitting each other(bottom blade hitting top or viseversa, im talking about the lift parts hitting one another). if its as simple as that ill do it on friday(high profiles on thursdays) Thanks
  5. carcrz

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    I am trying this setup for a couple of weeks. Not sure if the doubles have made any difference though, or at least a difference worth the extra effort of sharpening as well as wear & tear. +x+ --- Hi-lift on bottom & Gator's on top. I just bought some hi-lifts & they are worth every penny. Wish I'd used them years ago.
  6. mr mow

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    come guys so many of you brag about em...................tell me!
  7. carcrz

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    To be really honest w/ you, they aren't what people said they were, or at least for me.
  8. lawnboy dan

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    this is a good way to ruin your clutch and spindles. the mowers wernt desighned for this!
  9. marko

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    I like them in the spring (gators over normal lifts). It chops the grass up a bit smaller and looks better when side discharging. In fall (leaf time) they help a bit with grinding up leaves (but some guys swear by the Meg Mo's). During summer, I go with one set. I imagine its a bit rough on the spindles, but it beats running over the fast growing crap twice. I don't use a bracket (if you hit something then, you will have some problems). I just mount one on top of the older, keep at 90 degrees, and tighten the main bolt down.

    Experiment with the set up, some people say they have better luck with the gators on the bottom.
  10. lsylvain

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    I had great results with the doubles. As far as the extra sharpening you don't need to worry about the top ones that much because the bottom blades do most of the cutting. I also found that if you use cheap homeowner blades on top you drop some weight. I never noticed any difference durring blade engagement, I think those that complain about it being rough when they cut on their blades are cutting them on at high rpm which is a no no whether you have doubles or not. As far as balance goes as long as each blade is ballanced you are good to go. At first everyone was affraid that you ahd to have them at 90 to each other, but after I thought about it for a minute it makes no difference. You have the same amount of wieght on both sides no matter what their positionaing was. It may have just been me but I felt like they did a little better if they were not at 90 and more like 45 degrees. They do have a tendancy to move a bit so I would just pop the deck up in the morning and see if they had shifted to much, and if I ever hit something I would have to check because if you hit something hard enough it would kick whichever blade that hit it back a bit. I could usually jerk them back into place without breaking out any tools.

    As far as those meg mo things I have never tried them but I don't see a difference between that and doubles other than the blades are at the same height.

    The mower that I thought doubles made the bigest difference was my 21".

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