Putting Green in Backyard?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BrandonH, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. BrandonH

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    I couldn't figure out which forum to put this in, but I thought some of you have experience in golf courses or at least are better educated in the field than myself.

    I wanted to know is it feasible to put a putting green in your own backyard? I know I've seen celebrities do it, but not anyone else...is this mainly becasue of the cost? How difficult would it be to do myself and maintain. I have some turf background and currently own and operate a small lawn care business, however I've never dealt with any golf courses and know little about upkeep. I'm open to any suggestions.


  2. Jimbo

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    I dont have much golf course experience, but I do know that a putting green requires specialized equipment (Reel Mowers) to maintain and I dont think they come cheap.
    A fairway??maybe. The rough I am sure you could duplicate:p

  3. TheKingNJ

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    What area do you live in?
    Your going to need to buy a reel mower, you can get a walk behind for a decent price. you will need to mow it often. We mow ours everyday but you can get away with mowing ever 2 days.
  4. rodfather

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    There are very nice synthetic ones on the market today too...might wanna give them a look at.
  5. impactlandscaping

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    You can do a synthetic putting green complete with fringe and chipping area for less than $ 4K(DIY) Try www.allprogreens.com .
    They will send you a video with more information and price sheets for wholesale kits and supplies. Install it once, and enjoy it for a lifetime, no ferts or maint. costs involved.<a href='http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb008' target='_blank'><img src='http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/902.gif' border=0></a>
  6. TheKingNJ

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    We use bent grass on our greens, they it is very costly. How big of an area do you want it to be. What kind of quality do you want. A green will have to be fertilized often and airateted and plugged.
  7. PSUturf

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    I did a rough estimate to build a 1500 sg ft green in my back yard. Building to USGA specifications requires internal drainage and 12 in of a sand based soil mix. It was going to cost about $2000 for soil, seed, and drainage materials. If you want the green to look and putt like a real golf green, this is the way to go.

    Reel mowers that can cut at less than 1/4" aren't cheap. A decent used one is at least $1000. ($6000 for a brand new one)
    You would probably use bermudagrass in your area. I've never grown it but you'll probably have to mow it a minimum of every other day, probably every day during good growing conditions.
    You'll have to apply fungicides on a regular basis.
    If you use a sand base soil you will have to fertilize a lot more than a lawn.
    I think there is a web site called puttinggreen.com that has a lot of info about building and maintaining a green.
  8. Team Gopher

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    Hi Brandon,

    Click the below image for link.

  9. SodKing

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    Here's mine..Ill write back later to give you some costs etc. I will say that I work on lawns every day, selling, treating, inspecting crews etc... and very litte gives me more pleasure than going out after dinner and caring for the green and then hitting some balls with my daughters and neighbors. They are well worth the investment.

    (I am going to insert an image but bear with me I have not placed an image before.)


  10. Pecker

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    In Texas, you'd probably want to do a Bermuda as the Bentgrasses don't generally do well in the south. I recommend Bermuda 328 or Tiffeagle although they require more skill and $$$ to maintain. Personally, I chose to use Bermuda 419 (used mostly on fairways and tees) on my putting green for many reasons: my favorite course uses 419 on their fairways and greens and they have the most beautiful course around. Plus 419 is much easier and less expensive to maintain. And despite what some of the "experts" say, 419 can grow healthy at 4/16" and gives a nice, true putt although it will never compete speed-wise with 328 or Tifeagle. If you want are going to build the green to USGA specs, go with Tiffeagle or 328.

    As PSUturf said, the soil is expensive and hard to find and a greens mower is expensive, even used. Take my advice as stay clear of push-powered greens mowers. If you are going to do it, plan on buying a professional greens mower. Try www.smithturf.com to check out a used one.

    Also, plan on mowing at least every other day during the warm months, aerating 2x a year, topdressing, fertilizing alot, as well as an intense fungicide regimine.

    My green is only about 550 square feet but I am planning on expanding it. Also, just added a bunker. Yes, it does require alot of work, but there's nothing like looking out the back window and seeing a sample of Earth's finest turf!

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