Putting Green in Westchester Co., NY

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by tourgreen, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. tourgreen

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    I posted this pic in a thread earlier. We built this for a very special person who entertains PGA golfers throughout the year. It is about 8000 sq.ft. Regulation Size. How do you like the golf cart bridge? I got some very nice feedback. Just thought others might like to see.

    Synthetic turf at it's BEST! Enjoy


    Chris Joyce
    Tourgreen World Turf LLC
  2. NNJLandman

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    Looks great the mote and bridge look great, good work.

  3. tourgreen

    tourgreen LawnSite Member
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    The walled stream is about 200 yards long and it is pump assisted. That way the stream always flows.... cj
  4. woodycrest

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    Nice job!!

    THe stone looks great.

    is the green itself 8000 sqft or does that include the area around the green as well?

  5. tourgreen

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    That's just the green. There were 5 tee boxes starting at 207 yards out.

    We use a bobcat, asphalt roller, golf cart, bcs tiller/broom, and lot's of enthusiasm.

  6. greenworldh20

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    if you ever need to water that green, drop me a line!!!

    looks great!


    (i know its synthethic...lol)
  7. Brother1

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    Hey Chris - where in Westchester did you put that in?? (if you don't mind saying). We are in the area and I've been thinking about looking at that as an add-on in the next year or so. Just not sure how those will go over in this area of the country with the seasons we have here.
  8. tourgreen

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    Off Grant road...the old Hearst estate.

    Another thing we loved about this site were the old glacier rolled boulder fences. These are amazing considering when they were built.

    If you are serious about marketing the turf, let me know. I'll send you some information you may find very profitable.

    I am new to this site and am very impressed with the quality of information being passed. If anybody has questions about synthetic turf, lawn replacement turf, golf greens, sports fields, I'll be happy to share 14 years of experience.

    This golf green is accessible by golf cart across the bridge. The pump house (not pictured) is made of stone and it has a built in doghouse that is heated for their dogs. The green has an invisible fence to keep the dogs off. This place is amazing!

    Chris Joyce
    Tourgreen World Turf

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