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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by muddstopper, Jul 20, 2004.

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    I have a friend that is wanting to build a putting green on his own property. I dont golf and dont know anything about building a green but he has all kinds of equipment and I figure between the two of use we can figure it out. At first he was wanting to do the real thing but after a little research and finding out all the maintenance problems we decided that artificial would be the way to go. This is not a money making job, we are going to experiment on his and then if it turns out alright maybe build one for me. Dont know that I will ever play on it. If that turns out alright then I might consider offering them to the rest of the public.

    I have done a search here and on the internet but cant find any pricing on the artificial turf that is used for putting greens. Most of the links are businesses that install, not suppliers. Anybody have a source for the nessicary materials and know what the material prices are. Mostly need prices on the turf, pretty much found everything else.
  2. muddstopper

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    Anybody? I know there must be more than one or two putting green installers here.
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    Give John@tourgreen.com an e-mail. Tell him your plans and see what y'all can work out. Tourgreen is the best I have found, by far, on a research level. I am not going to be installing mine until fall so I can't speak for ease of installation, but it doesn't seem difficult at all.
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    Thanks for the reply. Most of the work seems to be in preping the surface the material will be applied to. We are planning a pretty big green with a long fairway. Almost a one hole course. I think the greens would sale pretty good here after a few people got to see one which is why I an thinking about installing one for myself, even tho I dont play. I live next to a golf course and have only been on it one time.
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    Do a search there have been a coupl of posts about this. I looked into it, there are a bunch of companies out there.
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    I installed an artificial green for myself. I believe the company i purchased from is called All-Pro Greens in Georgia. Hope this helps.
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    Pro Players Turf is the best and most realistic putting green material on the market. Roughly $17.00 a square foot. They can send you the kit and directions to do it yourself then the price will drop even more. I have put a few in over the years and even was trained by the company. Fairly easy. Let me know if you have and questions.
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    I am in the golf business. Are you wanting live or artificial? There are 2 different types of real greens: USGA and Purwick or push-up. USGA will set you back a few bucks with gravel, sand and herringbone drainage etc.
    There are some good guides to golf course construction at the book stores. That will give you a start.

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